An… Interesting… Necklace

This is the rather interesting necklace I made recently.

-Allison(mushrooms and lichen) 042

It is made out of a gall. – Wait, please don’t be grossed out!

Oh. It might be a good idea to tell you what a gall is first. A gall is like a fungus made by an insect as a sort of cocoon for itself. But that doesn’t mean an insect is actually in the gall now.


Now are you grossed out? Yep, I thought so. *Sigh.* Oh well, I started this post so I might as well finish it.

This is how I made the necklace:                                                                                  First, I started with a gall I had found on a hike. It is actually a huge gall, at least from what I’ve seen. I just had to do something with it, because it was so beautiful! It looked like a big wooden bead.

Then I carefully made two holes in it and threaded a string through the holes and knotted it securely. I tied that little string to a bigger, braided one. I then covered the gall in a coat of ModPodge to make it a little stronger.


And ta-daa! I had myself a one-of-a-kind, natural, super lightweight (not to mention strange) necklace!


Are you still grossed out or not?



31 thoughts on “An… Interesting… Necklace

  1. I didn’t get grossed out. I guess it’s because it didn’t look like something gross. 😉 It’s pretty cool!



        1. Really? Thank you so much! I’m very glad you would! I probably won’t open it this year or anything, but I definitely want to open one sometime. Do you know of anything you’d want me to make for it?

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          1. Hmm.. well, jewelry from things in nature would be really cool!
            I’d also love to see things you sewed, like the adorable bear you made. 🙂


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