A Tour of Our Small Town

Hello friends!

Sully and I live right outside the most photogenic little town – close enough to walk there for dates but far enough to be off of Main Street. We took a stroll to our favorite gelato shop the other evening and I finally brought my camera along for a photoshoot. 

I haven’t done much architecture photography, growing up on a farm as I have, but I’d like to do more. Sully patiently waited as I made many short, excited detours to snap a shot of an interesting subject or location. I love how the pictures turned out! Enjoy this peaceful fall tour of our small town.

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Small Town Explorations {Fourth Fun, Part 1}

Hello, dears!

Today I have some fun city photography for you for a change! I took a bunch of pictures when our cousins came to visit us on Independence Day weekend and we all went on a lovely day trip to a nearby town. As you’ll see, it’s quite an aesthetic and well-kept place, with plenty of excellent photography opportunities – from painted murals to vintage diners. Enjoy this little walk about town!

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