Small Town Explorations {Fourth Fun, Part 1}

Hello, dears!

Today I have some fun city photography for you for a change! I took a bunch of pictures when our cousins came to visit us on Independence Day weekend and we all went on a lovely day trip to a nearby town. As you’ll see, it’s quite an aesthetic and well-kept place, with plenty of excellent photography opportunities – from painted murals to vintage diners. Enjoy this little walk about town!

featured image 113

We’ll start with this one of my mom and sisters. They look posed, but nope!

July 4th (4).2

Here’s a view of part of the main street. Isn’t it neat? The town was founded in 1839.

July 4th (17).2

We first visited one of the enormous furniture stores. They used to be tobacco warehouses, years ago. Now they hold tons of furniture in every conceivable style.

July 4th (24).3

Carmen and Jianna found a fuzzy pillow in one of the furniture stores. 😀

July 4th (3).2

I don’t even know what style this is, but this whole building was full of it: hides and sheepskins, live-edge driftwood furniture, hanging lights, and mounted exotic animals.

July 4th (5).2

This gazelle-like animal seems awfully smug to me. :’D How would you caption his thoughts?

July 4th (6).2

We found a delightfully oversized chess set in one of the warehouses. Leisha and I started a game while our sisters tried to find Jianna’s lost phone. O.o Thankfully we did find it!

July 4th (9).2

I really like this photo. 🙂 Do you play chess? I know HOW, but I’m not good at it.

July 4th (2)

We walked past so many murals and painted brick walls! And stopped to get pictures with a few. 😉

July 4th (12).2

Heh heh, Jianna cracks us all up, including herself. XD But isn’t this so pretty? ❤ Mom actually saw a lady painting it a couple of weeks ago.

July 4th (19).2

Dad and my brothers joined us for lunch at this super cute old diner downtown. I had quite a hard time getting a good picture of it, but here’s one from a window across the street. XD

July 4th (16).2

I just love the mint colored siding!

July 4th (15).2

This building is TINY, guys. The only indoor seating is fifteen stools squeezed around the counter. Beyond that, there’s just enough room for the waiter and waitress to take your order, and for the cook to make your burgers a little ways down wile you watch.

July 4th (7).2

I was going to say, “I wonder if these paintings are from 1950 when the diner started,” but HEH. Obviously not the Facebook one at least. :’D

July 4th (8).3

My cousin assisted me with the obligatory food picture. 😉 I basically never photograph my meals, but it just felt right this time. XD Several of us shared these spring rolls as an appetizer, and MY were they good! Perfectly crispy on the outside but soft inside, with a delicious honey dip.

July 4th (8).2

On the way out, I noticed these random army men attached to the AC unit outside. :’D Isn’t it hilarious? I actually love this picture for some reason.

July 4th (11).2

I asked Megan to stand in this corner for a picture while we waited for the parents to finish lunch. 😉 I love this gorgeous teal color with the unique wood doorway!

July 4th (13).2

Leisha obligingly let me take pictures of her too. 🙂 ❤

July 4th (14).2

We wandered around several adorable and unique shops, ending up in this Amish furniture store. (The cashiers weren’t Amish, but the next day we went to an authentic Amish store and got some delicious ice cream!) They had a HUGE rocking chair out in front that you could take pictures on. Isn’t it great? XD

July 4th (18).2

Oh, whoops. That wasn’t the last store we went in, actually. We ended at a cute cafe, where we each got a scrumptious ice cream cone. Mine was lemon crunch, and OH MY! I want some more. XD

July 4th (20.3)

We stopped on the way back to visit this neat red caboose you could walk around. Someone had turned the inside into a sort of meeting place or tiny conference center. The outside made for the perfect photo location. 😀

July 4th (21).2

The caboose’s awning sheltered a little stage and a red, white, and blue piano that anyone could play. My cousin is a pianist, so we persuaded her to play for us. 😉 I love the simplicity and colors (and my cousin, of course) in this picture. 😀

July 4th (23).2

Beside the caboose was a tiny patch of yellow wildflowers. Of course I couldn’t resist taking some nature photos. 😉

July 4th (23).3

And with that, we drove back home, full of memories and probably covered in sweat, because towards the end the sun came out and it got super hot. But we survived!

July 4th (24).2

That was fun! I hope you guys enjoyed coming on that little trip with us, and seeing the interesting sights. 🙂 Come back on Tuesday for the last part of this mini series, which will include lots of dramatic bonfire and sparkler photography. 😀 Meanwhile, I want to know…

What “destination” was your favorite? Would you like to eat at the diner or would you feel claustrophobic? 😛 Do you have a favorite photo?

Thanks so much for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Pictures taken with my Nikon D3400 and a 35 mm lens. Edited with


36 thoughts on “Small Town Explorations {Fourth Fun, Part 1}

  1. AHHH EEEP HOW LOVELY. And I LOVE that teal wall! I really want to gooooo thereeee! And you probably like the random army men picture because it’s light, bright, airy, and has a neutral background which draws the eye to the subject. 😉 And YUM, SPRING ROLLS.


    1. AWW YAY, I thought you’d like this post. 🙂 I KNOW, isn’t it gorgeous? I WANT YOU TO TOOOOOO. Yep, that’s why. I often like pictures mostly because of the light. XD Also YES.


  2. Oh my! I rather enjoyed myself on this lil “trip” with you all! I can’t wait till Tuesday to see the rest of the photos! I love these kinds of posts, it’s so interesting to see the areas and places you visit. You’re so good at capturing happiness in your photos…Megan’s and your cousin’s smiles make me feel happy XD.


  3. This looks like such a fun little trip! All the pictures turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing, Allison 😀


  4. EEEEPPPP!! These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! I feel like I say that every time. XD But it is true! Your pictures make me feel like I am there! Speaking of which, *tries to steal that icecream cone* It looks so yummy! That tiny diner looks so cute and fun! 😀 I loved this post! 😀

    -Laura ❤ 🙂


  5. I would definitely eat at the diner, though I do not like most small, tight spaces, I love little older towns! They make me so happy, and as we could see in your post they are GREAT for photography!! Great post, loved the pictures! Jesus loves you!!!
    -Crazy Chicken Mama


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