A Tour of Our Small Town

Hello friends!

Sully and I live right outside the most photogenic little town – close enough to walk there for dates but far enough to be off of Main Street. We took a stroll to our favorite gelato shop the other evening and I finally brought my camera along for a photoshoot. 

I haven’t done much architecture photography, growing up on a farm as I have, but I’d like to do more. Sully patiently waited as I made many short, excited detours to snap a shot of an interesting subject or location. I love how the pictures turned out! Enjoy this peaceful fall tour of our small town.

featured image 274

This maple tree at the end of our road looked so pretty in the golden hour light!

Farmville (56)

The kayak rental place attached a creative sign to the outside of their building.

Farmville (58)

Sully’s favorite part of the route we walk is crossing the bridge over the river. The golden reflections in the water are just lovely, don’t you think?

Farmville (59)

It was a beautiful evening. You know that early part of autumn when there’s still lots of green everywhere but the light itself is fall-colored? That’s how it was.

Farmville (2)

Autumn leaves, featuring my husband. Hehe.

Farmville (4)

I love this shot! The town is full of historic old brick buildings that are turned into stores now. 

Farmville (5)

I love a good abandoned building shot. Well this building isn’t actually abandoned – it just looks like it from this side.

Farmville (9)

Had to make one black and white to highlight all the interesting lines and textures.

Farmville (8)

More grand old buildings. This reminds me of England for some reason??

Farmville (11)

Look how pretty these gingko trees are in the sunlight!

Farmville (15)

Couldn’t resist capturing the dappled light on this brick wall.

Farmville (12)

The tips of these maples were on fire! So glowy and pretty.

Farmville (14)

A slightly less fancy-looking part of the town, as there is in all cities I suppose. I still like this shot. 

Farmville (19)

Getting an aesthetic through-the-window picture made me feel like a real street photographer, haha. Can you spot hints of Sully and I in the picture?

Farmville (20)

I don’t understand why these buildings are so colorful and Wild-West-esque, but I kinda like it. I wished I could get closer to capture all the artistic details decorating these walls.

Farmville (22)

I’m always fascinated by the swirly pattern of this tile siding when we pass it. Is it wind? Waves? Smoke?

Farmville (23)

We made it to the gelato shop! And it was open! It has weird hours so we never know if we’ll be able to get ice cream when we arrive. But we did! I got mango sorbet and Sully got Monster Cookie Crumble gelato. They were both tasty – especially mine. 😉

Farmville (24)

Time for a Sully portrait break. I really like the tones of this picture and the bokeh in the background. And Sully, of course. 😉

Farmville (26)

Another neat old building. Look at the glowing brick wall facing toward the sun, ah!

Farmville (27)

I’ve shared these random army guys before in this post. They were still around, magnetized to the AC unit, but in a different position than last time I saw them. I guess people come by and change things up.

Farmville (29)

This photo feels like a story, like it has some deeper meaning: a blurry reflection contemplating tiny army men. Or maybe I’m just being a photographer, ha.

Farmville (30)

They’ve turned the inside of this cute caboose into a meeting room. I’m sad that they swapped out the old piano for a picnic table outside, but it is a nice place to eat. We sat there after going wedding dress shopping for me way back in last December. 

Farmville (31)

Kudzu forests always feel mysterious, ominous, and slightly magical to me. I’ve wondered so many times what it would be like to walk through one or do a photoshoot among the vines, but the leaves grow so deep and dense that it seems dangerous.

Farmville (35)

Two red doors shining brightly against the clutter and dull colors.

Farmville (36)

We found the small community herb garden where people can come and water, weed, and harvest as they desire. Such a cute idea! I was excited to find some herbs I don’t grow at home that I will likely come back to harvest soon.

Farmville (38)

This tower always strikes me as rather menacing. It looks kinda like an old castle from this perspective.

Farmville (43)

I saw this corner and immediately envisioned some cool photos with the vines and the door.

Farmville (46)

They didn’t turn out with quite the vibe I wanted, but hey, I tried!

Farmville (48)

Overgrown vines lend a special air to whatever they trail over. Even an old screen door and light.

Farmville (50)

Another beautiful brick building. Are you starting to sense a theme in this post?

Farmville (52)

This is one of my favorite building shots in the post. It almost looks like something out of a movie, don’t you think?

Farmville (53)

I’ll end with the group of deer we startled on our way home. Deer are such lithe, nimble creatures.

Farmville (54)

That was a fun post to make! I hope you guys enjoyed this little tour. I find our town so charming and lovely and definitely want to share more of it with you in the future. Perhaps Sully and I will do a little couple photoshoot there one day. Any town photography ideas?

Which photo(s) did you like best? Small towns or big cities?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D7200 and a 35mm lens. Edited with Lightroom.


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