Make A Terrarium

So, we have this salamander named Petunia as a pet,

2014-06-06-Allison 002

and she lives in a 10 gallon glass tank.  Since I love to make terrariums and miniature gardens, I decided to make something similar for her to live in.  She now lives in a terrarium.  Why make a terrarium?  Terrariums are fun, inexpensive(or free!), and make lovely decorations.

2014-06-06-Allison 012

Now for the do-it-yourself part. Terrariums are very customizable, but you’ll at least need: some sort of soil, a container, and some plants.  Some other nice things to add are:  some sort of water, (refer to the picture of Petunia in her pond)

2014-06-06-Allison 016


2014-06-06-Allison 015

and pretty stones.

2014-06-06-Allison 008

You could also add a little house or cabin,

2014-06-06-Allison 017

and what about a little clay bird to occupy the “trees”?

There are all kinds of possibilities.  A desert terrarium?  A rainforest one? Be creative!

A terrarium is pretty easy to take care of.  You basically just have to water the plants.  Moss can be harder to keep green (at least for me), but it really adds a lush atmosphere to the terrarium if you take care of it.

So there you go!  Now you know how to make your own terrarium, so get out there and have some fun!

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2 thoughts on “Make A Terrarium

  1. Where did you find your cute pet salamander? We see her orange spots. Do you know if Petunia is a male or female? What do you feed the salamander? A & C Yoder


    1. We found Petunia at Todd Lake which is a lake near to where we live. There were lots of other salamanders there too. We used to have another salamander, but he died.
      We don’t know if Petunia is male or female, but we just act like she’s a female.
      We used to feed Petunia earthworms, but we haven’t fed her anything for a long time. We tried to feed her an earthworm, but I don’t know if she ate any of it. Maybe she found some earthworms herself; we put earthworms in the terrarium.
      Whew! That was a long reply, but I think I answered all your questions! Thanks for commenting- I LOVE comments!


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