Hidden Pictures

We have a lot of unpainted wood in our house, and sometimes the grain of the wood makes a pattern or a picture.  I took photos of some of the best “hidden pictures” for you to see.  The first one is one we’ve known about for a while.

Can you find a happy piggy in this wood?2014-6-24-Allison 008

The next one can look like two things: an owl, or a cross-eyed pelican.  See if you can find both.

2014-6-24-Allison 010

I saved the best for last.  This one has lots of detail.  Can you find a bird that looks kind of like a female peacock in this picture?  Once you see it, it’s hard to look the picture and not see it.

2014-6-24-Allison 014

Did you find them all?  If you haven’t there are answers below.


The happy pig:

2014-6-24-Allison 009

The owl:2014-6-24-Allison 013

The cross-eyed pelican:2014-6-24-Allison 012

And last but not least, the peacock: (The head’s at the top)

2014-6-24-Allison 015

See if you can find hidden pictures in your house.



8 thoughts on “Hidden Pictures

  1. From Abigail: My favourite one is the pig.

    Graham: I like the peacock best. I’ve seen a peacock spread out his tail.


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