Doodle Fun

If you like to draw or doodle, you’ll like this!  These circle doodles are really fun to make, and they turn out really neat.  They’re only made out of circles, so they’re easy too.

To start with, draw a circle.

2014-8-9-Allison 008

Next, draw a few more circles inside the big one.

2014-8-9-Allison 010

All you have to do now is fill in the leftover space with circles, circles and more circles.

2014-8-9-Allison 013

(Sorry for the blurry pictures here)

2014-8-9-Allison 015

You can stop here, or keep going.  You could make a stepping stone,

2014-8-9-Allison 016

Or go color crazy!

2014-8-9-Allison 017

Experiment with drawing the outline of the circles in different colors…

2014-8-9-Allison 004

Then make a bunch of bubbles!

2014-8-9-Allison 018

There are so many things to do with this.  What did you draw?


I learned how to draw this from this video.  (It’s called “Infinity Elephants”) There are lots of other great doodling videos here.

Have fun!



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