A Snow Post

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 029

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 030

YAY! Snow in November! And even 4 inches of snow in November!  That was enough snow for a lot of fun.  We went sledding, made a snowman (and not just your ordinary snowman), and just played around.

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 047

Here is the snowman we made – he is 16 feet around!  (And yes, we measured.)  We proclaimed him a Thanksgiving snowman because of his, well, stoutness from eating too much Thanksgiving dinner. ☺  His arms are tomato stakes, his nose is a corncob, his eyes are made from oreo halves, and his smile is some smooth stones.


I also got some neat pictures of snowflakes.  I zoomed them in a bunch so you can see the shape of the snowflake better.  The snowflakes are all in a clump, but I circled some interesting spots in the pictures so you can see the individual snowflakes better.

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 035 - Copy -Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 037 - Copy -Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 039 -Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 042 - Copy


-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 044

♥Maggie in the snow♥

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 049

♥Diamond by the snow (or else it’s Rutabaga, it’s getting hard to tell them apart)♥

How much snow did you get?  What did you do in the snow?



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