30-Second Sketch: A Game


The other day I made up a game called 30-Second Sketch and I thought I’d share it with you.  Here are the rules:


For 3 or more players.

1. A player chooses a word to draw. (Example: ice cream)

2. Set a timer for 30 seconds.

3.  On “Go!”, someone starts the timer, and all the players must draw a picture of the chosen word in 30 seconds.  Everyone has to keep drawing until the 30 seconds is up, and stop drawing when the 30 seconds is up.

4.  When the time’s up, everyone compares drawings and votes on which drawing is the best. (It doesn’t have to be the most realistic, it can be the cutest, funniest, or whatever the players like.)  Whoever wins gets one point.  If there is a tie, each winner gets a point.

5. One round is finished.  The player to the left of the player who chose the first word gets to choose a word next.

6.  The first player to get a certain number of points first, wins!


My brothers and sisters and I had lots of fun playing this way, but here are some variations to try:


1. Make this into a board game by writing the words to draw on cards, and making a gameboard.  When someone gets a point, they move one space on the gameboard.

2.  Instead of each player voting on the best picture, everyone takes turns being the judge for one round, like in Apples to Apples or Picwits.

3.  You can take turns choosing words to draw or you can write several words on slips of paper and take turns choosing one each round.

4.  You can play with two people if the players make a decision together on the best picture.

5. You can play 20-Second-Sketch for a more challenging version, or 40-Second Sketch for an easier version.


Happy drawing!




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