50th Anniversary Celebration {Part 1}

Hello, dears!

This past weekend, Mom’s side of the family came up to our farm to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma’s 50th anniversary! It was AMAAAZING, ahhh! We made so many good memories, had so many fun adventures, and ate so much good food. XD I also took hundreds and hundreds of pictures, obviously. 😀 I got so many pictures that it was hard to pick a small enough amount for this post, but I hope you enjoy this selection of photographs and fun times with family. 🙂 Continue reading


Labor Day Adventures

This Labor Day we did something a different than an ordinary picnic or cook-out. Since Dad and the boys were out harvesting corn, Mom suggested that we girls pack a lunch and just go out and walk around the farm. So we did! It was quite fun.

We packed some sandwiches, mint tea, chips, and a couple other things which I can’t remember (XD), and took along backpacks filled with books and cameras.

This is my cucumber sandwich. Say hello. I didn’t want to waste the bread crusts after I cut out the sandwich, so I flattened them with a rolling pin, spread some cream cheese on, and rolled them up into roses. 😛

DSC_2016 (1280x853)

First we headed past a place we call “The Sycamores” because… there are a lot of huge sycamore trees by the creek. DSC_2030 (853x1280)

I found some lovely periwinkle morning glories along the path. Aren’t they charming?

DSC_2019 (1280x853)

DSC_2023 (1280x853)

We finally settled on a pretty, peaceful corner of the pasture filled with smartweed – a dainty little pink flower. We spread out a blanket, hung the hammock, and relaxed.

DSC_2046 (1280x853)

DSC_2055 (1280x853)
This looks kind of weird…

DSC_2094 (1280x853)


DSC_2059 (1280x853)

DSC_2057 (1280x853)

DSC_2032 (1280x853)

DSC_2049 (1280x853)
I love this one. ♥

DSC_2033 (1280x853)DSC_2036 (1280x853)


I did a really fun, cute photoshoot with my little sister here, but this post would be insanely long if I included all those photos oh wait it already is, so I’ll save it for later. Anyway, this was a great spot for taking pictures of little things. My favorite! 😀

DSC_2040 (1280x853)DSC_2043 (1280x853)

DSC_2041 (1280x853)

DSC_2073 (1280x853)
In interesting twisty stick.

DSC_2074 (1280x853)DSC_2075 (1280x853)

DSC_2076 (1280x853)
I love the bokeh in these pictures!
DSC_2077 (1280x853)
Have you ever tasted sourgrass, or wood sorrel? That’s what this is. It tastes, well, sour.

DSC_2079 (1280x853)


DSC_2092 (1280x853)

DSC_2212 (1280x853)
So pretty! ♥


DSC_2247 (1280x853)
I found a beautifully shiny, polished nut.


The scenery was more scrubby here than the rest of our farm, but still pretty.

DSC_2065 (853x1280)

DSC_2037 (853x1280)

Trees are nice.

DSC_2241 (1280x853)

DSC_2058 (1280x853)

After we ate lunch and read for a while, we decided to move to a different spot. We crossed the barbwire fence (no easy feat in this pasture), walked over the field, up the hill, down a lane, and up another hill to a beautiful hidden spot behind a pasture. We’d never been there before, which is something rare since we’ve walked pretty much everywhere on our farm, and it was delightful to explore it.

Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures with my camera because it ran out of battery, but Megan lent me hers.

DSCN3243 (960x1280)

DSCN3246 (1280x960)DSCN3253 (960x1280)

HA HA cows are such funny creatures. XD

DSCN3259 (1280x960)

DSCN3264 (1280x960)
I think this picture is so neat but I don’t know why – it’s rather cluttered.

DSCN3265 (1280x960)


I had the idea to play mancala while we were there. (Have you ever played that? It’s really fun!) I dug out some holes in the dirt with a stick and used corn kernels for the marbles. It actually worked!


It’s really hard to see on camera, but Carmen and I built a great fort around this perfect square of trees. There were huge logs scattered everywhere (one pile was in a huge sinkhole O.o ). They made great walls but were exhausting to carry. We didn’t finish the fort, but we did make a good start.



Mom and Carmen and I also built this little campfire area in a pretty shaded nook. We stacked stones for a firepit, hauled in some rocks and stumps for chairs, and made benches from logs and rocks. 🙂 It was fun.

3 (1280x1068)

Mom also found this really odd-looking spider. O.o (She’s for you, Clara. 😉 )


In the evening our whole family came up and had a picnic with us, and a bonfire too.

DSC_2253 (1280x853)DSC_2255 (1280x853)DSC_2263 (1280x853)

So that’s what we did for Labor Day! It was great fun, even though the mosquitoes practically devoured me. I got over 40 mosquito bites (yes, I counted XD). O.o Anyway, the memories will last for much longer than the bites will, so it’s all good.

I hope you enjoyed this loooong post, my dears! Which was your favorite picture? Which was your least favorite? What did you do for Labor Day?


Mystery Revealed #9

Eek yay! Are you ready to see the answers to these mystery pictures, guys? Thank you all so much for guessing! I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. 🙂

And now I shall reveal the mysteries…

#1. Kitchen grater

DSC_0580 (800x533)

#2. Fingernail clippers

DSC_0569 (1280x853)

#3. Avocado

DSC_0574 (1280x853)

#4. Dollar bill

DSC_0576 (1280x853)

#5. Serrated knife blade

DSC_0582 (1280x853)

#6. Flyswatter (I have no idea what the marks on there are from. XD )

DSC_0585 (1280x853)

#7. Straw broom

DSC_0590 (1280x853)

#8. Sand dollar

DSC_0612 (1280x853)

#9. Cork

DSC_0614 (1280x853)

#10. Shell

DSC_0617 (1280x853)

Ta-daa! Are you like, “duh!” now? XD That’s usually how it happens with me.

Now for the winners: Out of around 30 participants, I think only two people got them all correct, and they are…

Emma Weasley

Simply Megan Joy

Congratulations, guys! Thank you all so much for playing, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. 🙂 Until next time!


P. S. Oh my goodness I’m posting the start of WordCrafters tomorrow! O.o I better get cracking… er, writing.

Mystery Pictures #9

Oh my goodness, it’s been almost a year since I did one of these! I guess it’s high time for another one, huh? Eep, I’m so excited! In case you’re not familiar with these posts, here’s how they work.

I’m going to show you 10 super close-up pictures of ordinary objects, and you guys just guess what they are. Comment below with your guesses, and I’ll reveal the answers and the winners next Wednesday the 14th. Oh, and I don’t approve these comments until I reveal the mystery, just so no one gets ideas from another guesser, so don’t panic if your comment isn’t showing up. 😉 And lastly, to see my previous mystery pictures posts, click here.

Alrighty! Let’s begin!


mystery pictures 5


mystery pictures 2.1


mystery pictures 3


mystery pictures 4


mystery pictures 8

mystery pictures 9


mystery pictures 10


mystery pictures 12


mystery pictures 13


mystery pictures 14

 And that’s it!
YAY I’m so excited to read your guesses! I hope you enjoyed this little post, and thanks for reading, dears!

Let’s Play a Little Game…

I was out taking pictures of the garden this morning when I had an idea. It’s garden season, so let’s play a little garden game…

The Rules:

Your job is to match 9 different flowers to the 9 different vegetables they produce. For instance “tomato and __ (insert number)” match, or “#1 and #__ ” match. One vegetable can match a flower from either collage. BUT! I’ve included one extra flower that does not match any of the vegetables to make things more interesting. 😛 Next Monday I shall reveal the answers and the winners (see below). It’s kinda similar to my sister’s “Name that Flower” game. As in Mystery Pictures, I won’t approve guess comments until I reveal the answers.

*Update* Oops! The 4th and 8th flower pictures were actually the same. Sorry about that! I fixed it, though. Thank you for telling me, Rapunzel!

The Points:

  • 1 point for each pair you match correctly
  • 1 bonus point for correctly telling me which flower is the trick flower
  • 2 bonus points for correctly identifying the trick flower
  • And no going outside in your garden to check your answers! (Or looking them up on Google. (Or Bing, Megan.) *Shakes finger*)


I’ll tell you the vegetables, and you tell me their matching flowers:

  1. Okra
  2. Cucumber
  3. Green Bean
  4. Tomato (I hope you knew that already)

Garden Game 2 (845x1280).jpg

5. Lima bean

6. Lettuce

7. Asparagus

8. Corn

9. Butternut Squash

Garden Game 1 (621x1280)

And here’s the extra flower which may either match one those vegetables up there, or it may be the trick flower. Who knows?

-Allison(garden game) 016 (1280x960)

I hope you enjoyed this slightly strange, random game; I know I’ll enjoy reading your guesses! 😀

Do you have a garden? Do you like gardening? What is your favorite of those veggies up there?


Summer Fun: Shaving Cream Fight

We had a shaving cream battle with our friends, and it was SO MUCH FUN! We each were supplied with a bottle of the really cheap shaving cream (like 97 cents per bottle), and teamed up girls against boys. It was super messy, but in the best way!

Some tips:

  • Do this on a hot day ’cause you’re going to need to rinse off under a hose. 😉
  • Make sure it’s okay to get the yard messy because it will get messy – but don’t worry, after a good rainshower everything should be squeaky clean again.
  • Be warned: the smell of shaving cream will be everywhere!

Just look at that glorious mess! 😀

005 (1024x768)

011 (1024x768)008 (1024x768)007 (1024x768)004 (768x1024)006 (768x1024)

I guess I can check that off my bucket list!

Does a shaving cream fight sound fun to you? Do you like to get messy?



Mystery Revealed! #7

Duh-duh-duh-DUN! I will now reveal the answers to these mysterious pictures.

But before that, let me just say THANK YOU! A total of 22 people guessed this time, which is waaay more guesses than my mystery pictures have ever gotten. You don’t know how happy it made me to read all of your guesses. 😀

Anyway, moving on… I’ll reveal the mysteries first and then tell you the winners. 🙂

#1. Soft drink lid.

017 (1280x960)

#2. Carpet

012 (1280x960)

#3. Tire

tire and feather (2) (1280x960)

#4. Banana

008 (1280x960)

#5. Zipper

015 (1280x960)

#6. Feather (A chicken feather, to be exact. 🙂 )

tire and feather (3) (1280x960)

#7. Asparagus

006 (1280x960)

#8. Clothespin

021 (1280x960)


Okay. Now for the winners. Aaah, the suspense! XD. I’m just going to do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. If you’d like to read all of the guesses, check out the comments on the mystery pictures post. I’ll add links to the winners’ blogs if they have one.


1st place (8 points) goes to…
















K. A.


Abigail and Clara (my cousins 🙂 ♥)

It’s a three-way tie!

Congratulations, my friends! You got them all right! Your prize is… well nothing, sorry. 😦 Hold on! I think I can manage a virtue chocolate sampler box for you. *Hands them out* Enjoy! XD XD XD


2nd place (7 points) goes to…





















It’s a five-way tie!

Congrats, guys! You almost got them all right, but… *Sniff* you missed one. 😦 XD That’s okay, you still get a mini virtual chocolate sampler box. *Passes them out*


3rd place (6 points) goes to…
















Mercer Creative





Another five-way tie!

Congrats again! You made it to the finals! XD Let’s see… *Rummages in candy bag* okay, you each get a virtual chocolate truffle *Hands them to you*

That was so much fun! (At least for me. XD ) Come back and do it again sometime, won’t you?


Mystery Pictures Post #6

Hey guys! In my last post I said, “stay tuned for mystery pictures!” or something like that, and here they are! At first I thought I would post them another day, because… IT’S SNOWING HERE! LIKE, A LOT! LIKE TWO FEET OF SNOW! Ahem. So, of course I took pictures, but I decided to post about that another day, because I’ll probably be getting even more pictures before it stops snowing. So anyway… Here they are!

Oh, right. If you don’t know how to play, here are the rules: I will show you a few close-up pictures of ordinary objects that don’t look so ordinary when they’re close up, and you try to guess what they are. Just comment below the post with your guesses, and I will reveal the answers and the winners next Saturday, the 30th! (Update: see the end of the post for answers!) Don’t worry if your comments aren’t showing up, because I don’t approve guess-comments until I reveal the mystery. And you can see my other mystery pictures post here.

#1. DSCN7791 (3) (1280x960)


RSCN0147 (1024x768)


-Allison(cookies, island) 024 (1280x960)


-Allison(Jinx & bunnies, room) 021 (1280x960) (1280x960)


Allison(frost, bunnies, ATCs) 003 (1024x768)

Guess away! I can’t wait to read all of your guesses – correct or not! (Actually, it’s probably more fun to read incorrect guesses, just to see what you thought they were. XD) Whenever I post mystery pictures, I always wonder whether they were too easy, too hard, or just right. I’m guessing these might be a tad too easy on most, but hard for some, so I hope it turns out to be just right!


P. S. Click here to see the answers!

Mystery Revealed! #5 (Christmas Edition)

Drum roll, please! Duh-duh-duh-DUN! Thank you very much.

And now I will reveal the mysteries.

#1. Ornament

-Allison(mystery pics, Willow walks) 004 (1280x960)

#2. Evergreen needles (specifically needles from our Christmas tree. ☺)

-Allison(mystery pics, Willow walks) 005 (1280x960)

#3. Poinsettia

-Allison(mystery pics, Willow walks) 001 (1280x960)

#4. Ceiling fan (for some reason I really like this picture)

DSCN7551 (1280x960)

#5. Gift bow

-Allison(mystery pics, Willow walks) 007 (1280x960)

And that’s it! Now. Here are the winners, with links to their blogs if they have any. The winners are…






#1. Rapunzel! She is the only one who guessed everything right – Congratulations!

(Wait! Actually, my sister Megan got them all right too, but it’s easier for her, like she said in her comment, because she lives in the same house as I do, and sometimes she sees me taking pictures of the things… But I’m still very glad you guessed, Megan!)

#2. Genna and Josie

#3. Misty and Emma

#4. K. A.

I just did first and second place winners this time, but if you want to see the blogs of the other people who guessed, please go check them out via the comments below.

Again, thank you so much for playing, everyone! No matter how many you got right, I had lots of fun reading your guesses, and I hope you had fun playing too!