Creation Museum!

We went to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Kentucky for a few days with some of our friends, and it was AMAZING!  I highly recommend it!  There are so many neat things to discover inside the museum, and they have a beautiful outdoor space, and a petting zoo – and not just your ordinary petting zoo!

First you come into a tall hall with Chinese dragons hanging from the ceiling and dragon information and legends along the walls.  When you come into the actual museum you see this huge mastodon skeleton and then this habitat with moving dinosaurs and life-like people.    Then you can go down this alley or tunnel or something which kind of goes through the museum and shows you lots of different things along the way.  There’s a life-like dig-site where you can touch a real dinosaur bone,

-Allison (Creation Museum) 030

and see a dinosaur skeleton!

-Allison (Creation Museum) 047 -Allison (Creation Museum) 048

There were several movie theater stops along the way, and the Garden of Eden which I really liked. (I mean, who knew you could still go see it, right?!).

-Allison (Creation Museum) 031 -Allison (Creation Museum) 036 -Allison (Creation Museum) 034 -Allison (Creation Museum) 033

There’s a cross-section of the Ark with life-like people that talk and move.  This is a picture of a fake person that was in the display.  I mean, look how real she looks!

-Allison (Creation Museum) 150

There’s a neat room with small models of the Ark and what it could have looked like inside and out.  It was really funny because we saw a stinkbug crawling around on the miniature people inside the display case!

-Allison (Creation Museum) 042

-Allison (Creation Museum) 158

Later on the trail we went to this amazing Insectorium that had lots of insects in glass display cases.  My finger in some of the pictures shows how big the insects are.

-Allison (Creation Museum) 077

-Allison (Creation Museum) 071 -Allison (Creation Museum) 096 -Allison (Creation Museum) 086 -Allison (Creation Museum) 084 -Allison (Creation Museum) 082

Later on we went outside.  There are lots of pretty waterfalls and bridges, and a petting zoo!  This petting zoo had a zorse (zebra and horse mixed), a zonkey (can you guess?), wallabies (which we didn’t get to pet – one was too busy eating a Christmas tree that was in the cage!), peacocks, and other animals.

-Allison (Creation Museum) 148 -Allison (Creation Museum) 132 -Allison (Creation Museum) 129 -Allison (Creation Museum) 128 -Allison (Creation Museum) 124

This is definitely not all we saw, but it would take too long to tell you everything!  For more information, visit the Creation Museum’s site here.



6 thoughts on “Creation Museum!

  1. I love going to the Creation Museum! We saw the Zorse and the Zonkey, and the peacock the last time we were there. 🙂 We also got to feed the camel. It was so fun! Did you see any of the shows?



    1. Aren’t the animals cute? Yes, we did see some shows, including a Created Cosmos show at the Planetarium. It was amazing! It made the earth feel so small when you saw the whole universe on the screen!


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