A Meeting with Miss Lily

* Knock, knock, knock *

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 028

“Hello, who is it?”

“It’s just me, Allison.”

“Oh, come in, come in, have a seat!”

“Thank you.  I think I will.”

“Now, what brings you here?”

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 034

“Well actually, I just came to take some pictures.  You really are a great model, Lily, and I thought I might take some pictures of your sisters, too.  Oh, here’s Honeybunny – maybe she won’t mind.”

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 035

“Sorry about that, Honeybunny is a little shy.”

“That’s OK, I understand.  But back to business.  Would you mind posing for me so I can post some more pictures of you on my blog?”

“Wait, you have a blog?”

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 033


“Ohhhh, that must be why you brought that strange clicking-beeping-thing here so often.  It must be your camera.  Am I correct?”

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 030

“You are correct.  So, what do you say?  Do you want to be my model?”

“I accept with pleasure, my dear mistress.”

Great!  Then let’s get started.  What about a nice, quiet pose to begin with.”

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 027

“Ooh! May I see?  Um, I’m afraid you’ll have to take that one over again, I had a piece of straw on my head – most undignified.  Not to mention it’s a little blurry”

“Quiet right.  Now, be your cutest!”

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 029

“Beautiful!  I’m afraid the background isn’t the best, but it will have to do.”  “Now just a few close-ups, and that will be good enough for the first session.”

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 031 -Allison(Lily, flubber) 032

“Wonderful!  You are the best, Miss Lily.  Thank you for your time, and I will see you again soon!”


***Allison*** (and Lily)


11 thoughts on “A Meeting with Miss Lily

  1. Oh my goodness, Lily is adorable! Not to mention quite entertaining as well 😉 In the forth picture she looks like she’s raising her eyebrow!


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