A Bunny Family Meal

Whew, it’s hot here!  It feels kind of like summer – I’m not sure why…. ☺  Anyway, the bunnies get really hot here too, so one day we gave them a cool treat – fresh lettuce on an ice table – yum!  As you can imagine, they kind of really enjoyed it. So now without further ado, I present A Bunny Family Meal (with commentary).

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 049

Here stands the lonely ice table, laden with fresh lettuce, but with no one to eat from it’s iciness.

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 050

Hooray!  The table is gladdened by the arrival of Honeybunny, who grabs a leaf and chomps away.

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 057

The sound of Honeybunny’s enjoyment spreads throughout the cage, and draws not one, not two, but THREE other rabbits to the table to eat of the bounty.

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 056

The innocent Lily is disturbed from her meal by a greedy Mango.  How rude!

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 057

But justice is restored – Miss Lily gets the last piece.

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 054

Ahhhhh!  Cold lettuce – how satisfying!

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 058

Full and furry, my friend, full and furry.  And thus ends A Bunny Family Meal.  Thank you for reading, and come again!



20 thoughts on “A Bunny Family Meal

  1. Oh my gosh, this was SO cute!! 😀 It really made me smile. The bunnies are super adorable. 😉
    P.S. You’re a really good photographer! I loved these pictures. 🙂


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