Make the Perfect Buggle House

What is a buggle?  Good question.  It is a very reclusive species of Glass marblus insectus, more commonly known as a buggle.  Never heard of it?  Well, don’t worry, you can make your own!  You just need flat-bottomed glass marbles, paper, and googly-eyes. (I actually made their eyes out of hole punches.  I glued two small black hole punches to two bigger, white ones.  For the baby buggle (which I made out of a smaller glass marble) I made two black dots on two of the smallest hole punches.)  Click here to see the buggle tutorial.

Great, you’ve made the buggles?  Now let us construct the perfect home.

1. Find a small box, like a soap box.


2.  Tape any open ends closed.


3.  Wrap it up nicely in cute wrapping paper.


4.  Use an Exacto knife to cut around three sides of the box to make a flap. (See picture.)


5.  Use pretty tape to cover rough edges.


6.  Draw a charming little entrance on the front of the box.


7.  The really fun part!  Give your buggles some nice furniture, some food and water bowls, and maybe a garland.  You can make stuff out of almost anything, but if you don’t have craft supplies, you can draw furniture too.  Now put your buggles in their new home.


I also made a way to keep the box closed (not shown) by putting a sticky dimensional foam square on the front, and gluing a ribbon to the top.  The ribbon sticks to the foam square and holds it closed.


Now you can play with your buggles!  You can keep them neatly in their box, or take them out.  With their convenient home, you can take them along in the car.

I made these with some kids I babysit, and they loved making the furniture.  They got very creative!  (I prepared the boxes first though, because they are a little tricky for younger kids, and then they filled it with furniture and made the buggles.)

Happy buggle-making!



14 thoughts on “Make the Perfect Buggle House

      1. You’re welcome!
        P.S. Yay! That’s great! I think they’re SO good! I just finished re-reading his book The Last Holiday Concert, and I think I’m going to tackle The School Story next. 😉


          1. Cool! 😀 I’ve never read the Invisible book, but I have read the map one. I didn’t like the ending… :/ It could have been better in my opinion.
            Have you read Extra Credit or Room One? I love both of those. 🙂


              1. Haha, that’s OK. 🙂
                YES!! 😀 I think that’s my all time favorite Andrew Clements book. I absolutely love it. It’s so funny! 😀


    1. Thanks! I didn’t make up the idea of buggles or buggle houses, but the house in the original post was just a plain tin box, so I thought I’d have fun and spruce it up a bit!


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