New Additions

Yep, we already have a lot of pets (5 rabbits, 1 cat, 1 dog, 2 kittens) but we just added more!  We now have 5 crayfish, and um… a LOT of underwater snails!  The crayfish (also called crawdads, crawfish, or mudbugs) are fascinating to watch.  We have the four biggest ones in a large tank, and the smallest one (which is mine by the way!) is in a fishbowl so he/she won’t get eaten.


I named mine Mudbug, and the other four are Duncan, Mike, Bart, and Jamie.  Sometimes the big ones fight each other, and they make their own little nooks and crannies to hide in in the tank.  But I think the most fun thing to watch is when they eat.  Believe it or not, they love frozen peas!  When we give them to the crayfish, they grab the peas and start tearing off little bites.  I took a video of one of the crayfish eating, and one of a cute little underwater snail trying to lick the glass of the tank – two more videos for my YouTube channel!

And here are some pictures.  (The last crayfish picture shows the swimmerets – the little feathery things under its tail.  The swimmerets help the crayfish swim, they fan water over its gills, and for the females, they hold the eggs!)

DSCN9930 DSCN9968 DSCN9964  DSCN9933

And here is a snail.



P.S  We also have 5 black swallowtail caterpillars!  (But no pictures.)


9 thoughts on “New Additions

  1. Wow, that is REALLY cool! I love the first picture, with the tank and the bowl.
    I love how you named yours Mudbug. That’s such a cute name.
    I’m going to assume that Bart is named for Bart Millard from MercyMe, and that Jamie is named for Jamie Grace…and I’m also going to assume that those two are your sister’s, because I know how she feels about Jamie Grace and MercyMe. 😉


    1. Check and check (about the names). Also, I think Duncan and Mike were supposed to be singers too. Yeah, I liked Mudbug because some people call crayfish mudbugs, and I think it’s cute. ☺

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