Mystery Pictures Post #3

And I’m back again with a little game.  Remember Mystery Pictures?  If you don’t, here’s the rundown:  I will show you some mysterious, close-up pictures of… something, and you will try to guess what it is.  In a post in the near future, I will tell you the answers, who guessed what right, and links to their blogs.  (Oh, and you can see my two previous Mystery Picture posts here and there.  Got it?  Ok, let’s go!

#1 -Allison(fourth of July) 013 #2 -Allison (swallowtail caterpillar) 002 #3 (lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 003 #4 (lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 021 #5 RSCN9742 #6 (lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 005 Stay tuned for the unveiling! ***Allison***

12 thoughts on “Mystery Pictures Post #3

  1. Hmmm, I think #1 is stirafoam, #2 is onions, #3 is a picture off of a soda cup, #4 is scrambled eggs, #5 is a pencil, and #6 is a bulb! 🙂


  2. Even if this is old my little brother wanted to do this. 🙂
    1. Leather
    2. Purple cabbage
    3. No idea
    4. (Zielle: I thought at first it was cake decorations.) Sea coral. 😛
    5. The rear of a pencil
    6. Old fashioned lamp


    1. Ha ha, that’s so sweet! Of course I don’t mind if you do it when it’s old! Let me see… from what I remember without looking at the post, I think you got 3 right!

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