A Few Tidbits

This is a random post of pictures of lots of little things that aren’t hardly big enough for their own post, but are not small enough to be left out.  They are gathered here today for your viewing pleasure.


This is a picture I took awhile ago of the beautifully straight rows of soybeans in one of our fields.  I’m sure it looks quite different now!

-Allison(fourth of July) 004

Here is a fun little rock that looks like it has a “b” on it.

-Allison(fourth of July) 003

A cute tiny froggie:

-Allison(fourth of July) 020

A little village made from rambutan shells – rambutans are a fruit that our friends introduced us too, with soft but spiky-looking shells and a soft sweet fruit in the middle.

-Allison(fourth of July) 036

The chief’s house:

-Allison(fourth of July) 037

We picked a bunch of apples today to make applesauce with (YUM!) and they all looked so pretty laid out on the ground.  I like this smaller photo because it shows the interesting texture better.


And here is a flip-flop makeover – I drew a pretty design on the straps with Sharpie.  Simple, effective, but it took a long time!



Have a nice one!  (And by the way, the next post will reveal the mystery, so you better guess quick if you want to guess at all!)



6 thoughts on “A Few Tidbits

  1. I love the rambutan village…my husband grew up in Singapore and he had rambutan trees in his backyard. He climbed them all the time and did his homework in the tree while chowing down. It’s his favourite fruit still!


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