Mystery Revealed #3!

Drum roll please!  We have the answers to the mysteries today, along with the great detectives who figured them out!  This time I decided to do something a little different: instead of saying which objects a person guessed correctly, I will just give them a point for each thing they got right, and you’ll see the total at the end of this post!


#1 Solution: Styrofoam cup.

-Allison(fourth of July) 014

#2 Solution: Purple cabbage.

-Allison (swallowtail caterpillar) 001

#3 Solution: The Utz girl (like on chip bags)

(lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 004

#4 Solution: Yellow yarrow flower.

(lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 020

#5 Solution: Pencil.


#6 Solution: Old candlestick-lantern thingy.

(lighning, mystery pictures, ATCs) 006


Ahem.  Now for the detectives:

Loren from Happy House of AG , and Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes guessed all 6 correctly!  (Well, for #6 she said the turn-y thingy on the lamp, and I guess that counts…maybe…perhaps…)

Clara from Clara’s Craft Corner, and Shelby from Country Christian Girls and Every Bit of Lovely tied with 2 correct guesses each, and there were some extra guesses that were very close!

Thank you so much to everyone who played along.  I hope you all enjoyed the mysteries!



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