Joyful Kitty

We currently have two kittens named Joy and Coffee Bean. (Coffee Bean is black and fluffy like Willow, but he has a bad eye, so I just took pictures of Joy.)

Joy is very energetic and playful. She was trying to capture my dangling camera lens-cover while I was taking pictures of her. Her prowess was all in vain though, because the lens-cover is attached to my camera, and I was NOT going to give my camera up as a kitten toy. 🙂


Joy is – hmmm… tasting the air?

-Allison(Joy) 001

-Allison(Joy) 002

“Relaxing in the bunnies cage, just lettin’ off steam….”

-Allison(Joy) 004

-Allison(Joy) 005

Daydreaming again!

-Allison(Joy) 006

I love this close-up picture of her fuzzy little paw!

-Allison(Joy) 007

Oh! I have a snippet of news – I sold Honeybunny! The man who bought her is going to breed her, so someday she will become a proud mama rabbit.  Goodbye, Honeybunny – *sniff, sniff*.  Although I’m kind of sad that she had to go, at least she will have a more interesting life than staying penned up in a small cage so she won’t nip and fight with our other rabbits.  Have a good life, Honeybunny!



7 thoughts on “Joyful Kitty

  1. Joy is adorable! I’m trying to convince my family that we need to adopt Joy and Coffee Bean. The house just hasn’t felt the same without a kitten in it . . .


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