Strawflower and Thyme

Megan, my sister had a gorgeous strawflower blooming in her garden, so of course I had to take pictures of it.  (See her beautiful pictures, and Willow-the-photo-bomber here.)  I also have flowering thyme in my garden that I took pictures of with an interesting bug on it.-Allison(Megan's B-day Party) 037

-Allison(Megan's B-day Party) 038 -Allison(Megan's B-day Party) 040

-Allison(Megan's B-day Party) 039

-Allison(Megan's B-day Party) 041 -Allison(Megan's B-day Party) 042

-Allison(Willow on the front porch) 010

One more thing – can any of you spot the hidden animal in one of these pictures?  (Hint: It’s not the spotted orange bug in the last picture, actually, it’s not in the last picture at all.)  If want to inspect a picture more closely, just click on a picture to make it bigger.  It might take a bit for the picture to load completely.



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