Willow: The Fuzzball Returns (Caption It)

Dun-duh-duh-dun! The return of the fuzz-ball! Her fuzz is looking particularly fluffy today, isn’t it? I have a few photos for you to caption today. If you want to play, just comment with what you think Willow could be saying or thinking in the photos below. You can caption one, two, or all three if you want!


(Willow and Snickers, grease bubbles) 015#2

(Willow and Snickers, grease bubbles) 012#3

(Willow and Snickers, grease bubbles) 011



10 thoughts on “Willow: The Fuzzball Returns (Caption It)

  1. Haha!!!! These pictures are hilarious!!! 😀 Willow looks so silly!
    I think for the third one, she’s saying something like, “Why did Allison leave me like this?!?!?! I look awful!”
    And I hope you didn’t tell Willow that you were posting these pictures on the Internet, because if you did, her reaction would be a lot worse than the one I just made up…. 😉


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