An Interview with the Rabbits about the Newcomer

My sister Megan got a new rabbit! (Because Mango died 😦 ) Her name is Clementine, and she is an adorable lop rabbit! Here’s her profile:

Breed: Holland Lop

Color: Light brown with darker brown on her ears and nose

Name: Clementine

Gender: Doe (female)


First I’ll show you some pictures of Clementine, and then I’ll have the rabbits’ interviews.

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Below is Clementine in the bunny-hat. So cute! (See my bunny fashion post.)


Ahem. Now for the interviews.  First up, hmmm, let’s go oldest to youngest.

So Diamond, what do you think about this new rabbit?


Humph. She is invading my territory. I try to put her in back in her place by nipping her, but the humans just shut me up in this cage as a punishment  – just for defending my territory! Humph.

Okaaayyy… let’s move on to Lily.


Well, to be quite honest with you, she seems a little strange to me. I mean, her ears can’t even stand up! And what’s good about a rabbit whose ears don’t stand up? But I suppose she’s alright. She is an awfully nice snuggler.

Great! Now for Olaf. “Olaf! OLAF! OOLLAAAFF!


*Gasp,* *Heave,* *Grunt.* Yes? You called?

Umm, yes. I wanted to ask you your opinion of Clementine?

Well… she’s nice, I guess.. um… I haven’t really seen her much, but, uh, yeah she OK. So… can I go now?

Yep, sure, go ahead. *Plunk.*


Yes! Here I am – with Clementine!


“Oh… nothing. I wondered what your thoughts were on Clementine, but I can see you’re in the middle of playing with her.”

Oh, yes. She’s my best friend. I’m glad I finally have a playmate! Come on Clementine….

So there you have the bunnies’ opinions on the subject. Clementine seems to be enjoying her stay here, as you can see from her diary post on my sister Megan’s blog.

Bye for now!



9 thoughts on “An Interview with the Rabbits about the Newcomer

  1. Congrats on getting Clementine!! She’s so fluffy-looking, I just want to hug her!! 😀
    Haha, the bunnies’ opinions were sooo funny! I especially loved what Olaf had to say… 😉


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