Meet Yoshi the Rabbit!

We have a new rabbit on the farm! He is from our friends, who gave him to us because they had two males that were not working well together. Yoshi is now my brother Logan’s bunny. Now kid in our family has a bunny! (And I have two.)

Yoshi is an adorable Holland Lop rabbit. Here’s his profile:


Breed: Holland Lop

Color: Broken (spotted) brown and white

Name: Yoshi

Gender: Male

Age when we got him: 5 months


Now for pictures – a LOT of pictures.☺

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 002 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 007 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 006 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 005 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 004

In this next picture, ↓ Yoshi is kind of slipping on the floor, but I think he looks ADORABLE that way!

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 003

Here are a couple of pictures of Yoshi in his little cozy house my brother made for him.

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 016 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 017

And one more of him drinking…

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 019

So there he is! Isn’t he so cute?! Yoshi is just a little bit bigger than Clementine, our other Holland Lop, and we will hopefully breed them soon.


P. S. We just discovered that Olaf may actually be… a girl! *Gasp!* Apparently, the man we bought Olaf from didn’t check very closely to make sure “he” was a boy when we bought “him.” :/ Also, when we figure Olaf out, I will put up a page of bunny profiles on my blog.


18 thoughts on “Meet Yoshi the Rabbit!

    1. I know, right! Aww, that’s sad… but actually we have a dog named Maggie who is a Labrador, and she would love to get our bunnies if she could, but we just keep them in a very secure hutch that she can’t get into. We also put her in the kennel sometimes before we go out to the bunnies. Another option is to have a hutch in your basement (if your parents let you ☺). That’s where Yoshi lived before.


      1. I’ve seen pictures of Maggie on your sisters blog, and she’s super cute! We use our basement for storage, so we can’t put a bunny there.


  1. Oh my goodness, Yoshi is so cute!! I had a rabbit once that was named Austin… turned out “he” was a girl!! 0_0 Hope you get Olaf figured out! 😉


  2. Oh my goodness, Yoshi is SO cute! I love how he’s both black and white, not just one color. 😉 And that is just too funny about Olaf! LOL! If you find out that he’s definitely a girl, will you rename him? 🙂


    1. I know, right?! Yep, we’re not sure what we’ll name Olaf if he’s a girl, but I think I heard something like “Peppermint” or “Mint.” Maybe if my brother doesn’t mind, I could do a “Rename Olaf” post!


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