Crystal Pond, and Treasures Found There

Somewhere on a farm, hidden away in its own little secret world of trees and brush, there is a pond whose shores are littered with millions of sparkling quartz crystals… Well, OK, Crystal Pond isn’t quite as romantic and fairy-tale-like as all that, but it is still one of my favorite places on our farm.

Don’t get confused by the name – the water in the pond isn’t crystal clear, but rather the land around the pond has pretty quartz crystals scattered on it. Sometimes there are a bunch of crystals, sometimes… not so much, especially when the pond is high. The bad thing is, the pond is kind of surrounded by a defense wall of thorns, prickly evergreens, and brush. Yeah, it’s just a tad hard to get to. But once you get inside, it’s nice and quiet and peaceful. There is always some treasure waiting to be found along the shores or in the scrubby woods beside the pond. Crystal Pond has several of my favorite things around it: water, moss, rocks, and mushrooms!

Here are, um… a LOT of photos.


-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 022

A beautiful quartz crystal!

-Allison (Tassel doll) 003

This rock looks like it has a heart in it.

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 023

And… lots of mushrooms!

Aren’t these such cute little mushrooms? They look like they are made of playdough or something.

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 031 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 030 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 029

And some close-ups:

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 045 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 047

I also found a strange, lonely, frilly mushroom with no identity tag. Does anyone know what it is?

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 039 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 040

And some other things:

A pill bug going busily about his day (I edited this picture),

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 037

An interesting plant (I think maybe a Chinese lantern?),

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 051

Some bright red berries,

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 044

An ivy vine with berries,

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 050 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 048

And a beautiful pine tree.

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 041 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 043 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 042

And that’s it! Are you still awake? 😛 If so, what was one of your favorite pictures from this post?

Bye ’til later!



19 thoughts on “Crystal Pond, and Treasures Found There

  1. I love the quartz picture. Mom liked the frilly mushroom. Have you found any really good pieces of quartz? I mean the ‘Crystal Clear’ kind? I remember going to that pond.
    Abigail and Clara


    1. Thanks! I like the frilly mushroom too. We have found quartz with part of it clear, and I think we might have even found a tiny clear crystal, but we don’t usually find large clear ones.


  2. I know what the ‘interesting plant’ is! It’s a wild ground cherry. You can buy seeds for commercialy grown ones and the taste really good! I’m not sure if you can eat the wild ones, so I don’t recommend it!! 😛


    1. Thanks so much! Oh yeah, that sounds right! My grandpa grew some ground cherries in his garden once. I looked up Chinese lantern and ground cherry, and they look similar except the Chinese lantern is more red than greenish. So I think it IS a wild ground cherry! Thanks again!


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