A Super Simple Salad: Iceberg Lettuce Wedges

Once when we went to a restaurant on a vacation, some of my family ordered lettuce wedges as appetizers, and they were SO GOOD! Those had blue cheese dressing and bacon on, I think. The other day I thought, “Why couldn’t we make those ourselves?” So I did! And they were yummy! They were also really simple because they only took three ingredients. So… here’s the “recipe,” although it’s so simple it can hardly be called a recipe.



1 iceberg lettuce head

crumbled, cooked bacon

blue cheese dressing (Note: Caesar dressing is also delicious if you don’t like blue cheese – I prefer Caesar to blue cheese myself. And my little sister wanted Ranch dressing on hers. 😀 )

  1. Peel off the first couple of outer lettuce leaves, and slice the iceberg lettuce into six equal wedges. (I actually made seven wedges since we have seven people in our family.) -Allison (room, science museum) 041 (1280x960)
  2. Place each wedge on a separate plate, and drizzle generously with dressing. Sprinkle crumbled bacon on top. And EAT!

Don’t they look delicious?

Let me tell you the story of the bacon bits. We got them in our stockings from our grandparents, because my cousin REALLY loves bacon, and she wanted bacon bits for Christmas. So my grandparents made us all some. XD It was a good stocking stuffer to me! 😀 XD


P. S. No more blog snow… 😥 😥


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