Jinx the Cat’s Rabbity Adventure

Hello, readers! The other day Jinx, our cat, had an adventure that he would like to tell you about. Jinx’s words will be in bold type and mine will be like normal. At the end of Jinx’s story I will be back with a few notes and pictures. But now I will hand it over to Jinx… (Be prepared for a lot of words – Jinx can be rather long-winded sometimes. XD)

Greetings, readers of Allison’s blog! Allison has allowed me, Jinx the cat, to do a guest post on her blog. For this particular post, I shall be telling you about a rather trying adventure I had the other day.

But first, I must tell you a little bit about myself. I am the grand and only feline of Allison’s household, Coffee Bean the cat having only recently passed away. (I will not here discuss in detail my views of the aforesaid Coffee Bean, but let it suffice to say that I bear no great burden of sorrow in now being the supreme ruler of the house.) It seems I will have to describe myself a bit, as Allison did not take a truly good picture of me by myself. I am a sleek, handsome, highly dignified black cat, if I do say so myself. Most generally, I pass my days in reclining in high estate wherever I please, drinking delicious draughts of sweet water from FaussEt, and trying to communicate to my humans all of my complicated needs through desperate meows, purrs, and sometimes – I am sorry to say – a few scratches in dire emergencies. They hardly ever listen to me, I am afraid, but ah… that is the life of a cat.

Now. My adventure began one day when Megan, one of the more trying of my humans, carried me out to the rabbit cage against my wishes. Do you know my views on rabbits? No, I suppose not. I shall inform you. I do not like them – they are simply fluffy vermin who always seem to have a nervous twitch about the nose – that’s what I say. Anyway, Megan carried me out, and I was forced to keep company with these disgusting creatures. At first I hid in a corner tried to keep my clean and polished self away from these creatures. But the air was cold, and I was at last forced to take refuge against the frigid air in the… I hate to say it, but the rabbits’ cage.

With my superior night vision, I could see inside the dark cage which was covered in a blanket. There were (I nearly shuddered with disgust) three rabbits already inside! They went by the names of Diamond, Lily, and Olaf. And as if the situation wasn’t already bad enough, another rabbit soon entered the scene – the extraordinarily fluffy Willow. She is the worst of them. I cannot for the life of me see how the humans like such a disheveled monster as Willow is, but… humans are very strange creatures.

But as I have a stout heart and a strong mind, I concluded to make the best of the circumstances. The one good thing I can say about rabbits is that they are very warming creatures. As I reclined among them, my poor numbed paws grew warm again, my ears began to thaw, and my whiskers lost some of their brittleness. In a few moments, I was actually enjoying my stay in the cage. (But only for the warmth, you understand.) After a bit, Olaf the rabbit approached me and snuggled up close. I tried not to be squeamish, and instead I focused on the extra warmth Olaf brought with him.

Even thought the humans were squealing over how “adorable” I was, I could not help feeling a bit sleepy with all of the warmth inside the cage. In fact, I nearly drifted off to sleep a few times.

I waited out the minutes until it was finally time to return to the comfortable house. The humans wanted to leave me in the cage, but the Mother human said that it would not be wise, as she didn’t trust me with the rabbits so close at hand. Of all the nerve! The humans should know by now that I have much too refined a taste to eat inferior rabbit meat! Anyway, Allison came out to take me inside, and was surprised that I resisted her grasp. I suppose she thought that I was actually enjoying the rabbits company. On the contrary, the only reason I resisted was that I was somewhat afraid that the vicious dog they call Maggie was outside the rabbit pen, waiting to destroy me the moment Allison should step outside. Maggie was actually in the kennel, but how was I to know? Finally Allison brought me inside, and ever since I have been trying to recuperate from that horrible adventure by sleeping twice as much on warm, comfortable chairs and sofas.

I’m sorry about all of the high and mighty language, but Jinx is rather proud of himself, as you can see. And another thing: I’m not totally sure that he was telling the truth when he said that he only enjoyed being in the cage for warmth. For one thing, it wasn’t even that cold – not nearly enough to numb his dainty paws at least – and for another thing, I have some pictures as proof that Jinx seems to have got along quite well with the rabbits – especially Olaf. Feel free to browse the evidence. (Mouse over the pictures to see any captions.)

Was that not cute and convincing proof of Jinx’s enjoyment? (Well, at least some of the time.) It looks like he downright made friends with the rabbits! And since poor Olaf hardly ever gets a photoshoot, here is a mini one just for him. (Scroll over the pictures to see any captions, and click the pictures to enlarge.)

Wow! I have written over ONE THOUSAND words for this post! That might be a record… In other news, I’m almost ready to open my Etsy shop! 😀 😀 😀 I might open it tomorrow, but I’m not sure. I’ll do a post about it when it’s ready. Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!



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