Room Makeover!

For Christmas, Megan and I asked for some home décor items and Hobby Lobby gift cards (I ♥ Hobby Lobby!)so we could redecorate our room. (We share a bedroom.) We decided to theme it with birds. We did get some décor items and several Hobby Lobby gift cards, so we did redecorate our room! And so I shall show you a tour of our newly decorated room. Do come in!

One of my favorite new decorations are these beautiful birds-on-a-wire wall decals that I got from Hobby Lobby.

-Allison (room, science museum) 005 (1280x960)

It came with a few mirrored birds as well as a bunch of bird silhouettes. (Ack! ‘Silhouette’ is really hard to spell. XD) It was fun to take pictures of the mirrored birds.

-Allison (room, science museum) 012 (1280x960)

Since there were so many of the silhouettes, I scattered a few around the room in different places.

-Allison (room, science museum) 007 (1280x960)

You know how wall decals come in a sticker sheet? I found a way to get double the amount of stickers, at least as long as there is an outline around the sticker. You just peel of the real sticker, in my case the bird silhouette, and cut around the remaining outline on the sticker sheet. Here is a picture where I first took off the silhouette sticker of the cut out bird, then the bird out of the sticker sheet, and peeled off the thin black outline.

-Allison (room, science museum) 009 (1280x960)

The downside is that the outlines are hard to apply because they are so flimsy, but once you get them up, they look nice:

-Allison (room, science museum) 010 (1280x960)

Here are some more pretty decals I got at Hobby Lobby. -Allison (room, science museum) 008 (1280x960)We put these in one corner of our “book nook.”

-Allison(Jinx & bunnies, room) 015 (1280x960)

We have started collecting bird figurines for our shelf. We also made these neat clay transfers. You basically print out a picture (it works best to use a laser printer), smooth it out onto a sheet of clay, and bake it between two ceramic tiles.

-Allison(Jinx & bunnies, room) 034 (1280x960)
My parents gave me the bird jewelry holder for Christmas, and the bird picture for a long-ago birthday present. 🙂


-Allison(Jinx & bunnies, room) 026 (1280x960)
My collection: I got the pretty peacock candle holder for a birthday, and I made the stuffed owl, the transferred bluebird, and the clay swan. For the clay swan, I transferred a swan image onto a polymer clay oval, traced over the lines with thin logs of purple clay, and added clay embellishments and flowers.


-Allison(Jinx & bunnies, room) 027 (1280x960)
Megan’s collection: She got the owl for a birthday present, she made the cute little robin clay transfer, and bought the little gold birdie at Hobby Lobby.

And I guess we’re done now. I hope you enjoyed it! Do you like Hobby Lobby? (Hint: the answer is YES! XP)



15 thoughts on “Room Makeover!

    1. Thank you! Yep, the reading nook is nice for school too. Aww, that’s sad that you don’t have Hobby Lobby. 😦 They might let you order things online at their website though, I don’t know. The website is

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  1. You did a great job! 🙂 I especially love the reading nook. I also thought it was cool how you figured out a way to use more bird silhouettes (you’re right about that word being tricky to spell!!).


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