PFA #1: Hot Glue Snowflakes (and Bunny Slides)

Okay, I guess I’ll need to explain the title… 😀 PFA stands for “Posts from the Forgotten Abyss” and it’s a new series I’m starting where I drag back a post from long ago that I like, and that no one had really noticed, and repost it, along with a new photo or tidbit so the post is not entirely the same. It’s kind of like Photos from of Old. (Which I will post more of probably in spring.) So! Today’s post I thought seemed appropriate for winter, and since we, sadly, do not have any snow, here’s a way to make your own!

But first, here is the new part of the post: bunny slides! I took some videos of Lily and Willow sliding down a little sliding board that we’ve had for years, and I turned parts of the videos into pictures – they’re so cute and funny!

A pile of fluff is going down!

056 (1280x960)

↓Lily is going to be so mad at me for taking a picture of her in this highly undignified pose. XD

Wasn’t that hilarious? XD Okay, now I am about to transport you back about one year… hang on!


These really look like snowflakes (well, giant, oversized ones) because of the color of hot glue.  They are very easy to make and just take a few supplies.  Let’s get started!

You will need:


Hot glue gun (with hot glue)

Parchment paper

Sharpie (optional)

snowflake pattern to trace (optional)


-Allison (hot glue snowflakes) 014

There are several different ways to do this.  You can either

1. Draw a snowflake directly onto the parchment paper (the sharpie lines will show up on the finished snowflake)

2. Print out a simple snowflake drawing from your computer and place it under the parchment paper

3. Just use hot glue to make a snowflake freehand.

What ever way you do it, the basic idea is to make a snowflake by squirting out hot glue onto parchment paper and letting it dry.

-Allison (hot glue snowflakes) 017-Allison (hot glue snowflakes) 025

Since it is hot glue, it won’t take long to dry (YAY!).  If you want, you can sprinkle some glitter over the snowflake before it dries.  When you’re sure the hot glue is dry enough, carefully peel it off the parchment paper.  You may need to remove those annoying hot glue strings too.

To activate the cling, turn it upside down in the palm of your hand and run it under water.  Gently shake the water off, but don’t dry it off.  Press the snowflake to a window.

-Allison (hot glue snowflakes) 040

The water helps it stick to begin with, but even when the water dries, the snowflake stays on.  You can also make little swirls, dots, and other snowy doodles to go along with your snowflakes.

Make a whole blizzard!


P. S. You get one point if you remembered the snowflake post. XD What do you think of this new series?


15 thoughts on “PFA #1: Hot Glue Snowflakes (and Bunny Slides)

    1. Hmmm… that’s too bad! Yeah, I haven’t done this in a while, but I think the water works because it sticks the glue to the window, and when the water evaporates the glue is kind of suctioned to the window. I hope using the water works for you!


  1. I don’t remember this post–I think I’ve only been following your blog since maybe about May. I think it’s a really neat idea, though! 😀


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