Clay Doughnut Tutorial/Our Clay “Studio”

As you might already know, I l♥ve making things out of polymer clay. I especially like making miniatures, whether it be a  little snowy owlet or miniature doughnuts like I’m going to show you today! (The links will take you to my Etsy shop listings.) I’m also going to give you a tour of my clay “studio” that I share with my sister.

First, the doughnuts. The basic doughnut is super simple to make, and then, of course, you get to embellish it – yay! 🙂

  1. Mix it. Unless you already have the perfect doughnut colored clay, you’re going to need to mix up a batch of doughnut batter. I think I used white, dark brown, light brown, orange, and red clay for my mix.
  2. Cut it. If you are making more than one doughnut, you’ll want them all to be the same size. I first rolled my “batter” through a pasta machine on the thickest setting, then folded that sheet in half to make it even thicker. I used a mini-Sharpie lid to cut circles out of the dough. Don’t worry about making the circles pretty – we’ll work on that in the next step.DSCN3083 (1280x960)
  3. Shape it. This step is easy. Roll the circles into smooth balls and press down lightly with your finger to make nice rounded cakes.DSCN3084 (1280x960)
  4. Hole it. I cut a hole in the middle of my doughnuts with a straw, although if your doughnuts are a different size, you may need to use something else. Make sure the hole is in the middle, or the doughnut will look lopsided… kind of like the doughnut below. 😀DSCN3085 (1280x960)
  5. Decorate it! Yay, the fun part! You can add glaze, sprinkles, chocolate covered sardines, whatever you want. (Although if you offered me the last kind, I think I would pass. XD) Here some of the 36 doughnuts that I made. Yes I made every single sprinkle on those doughnuts by hand. And yes, it took a while. I glazed some most of the icing with a gloss glaze that makes it look much more realistic. XD Go here to see my Etsy listing of these doughnuts with a picture of each flavor.

-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 020 (1280x960) (2)-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 021 (1280x960) (2)-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 019 (1280x960)

And now the clay studio! I set up a table in our school room, covered part of it with tinfoil, and arranged all of our clay stuff neatly on top. It’s really nice to have a designated place to work with clay. (Click here to see my sister’s version of this tour.) The anatomy of a clay table:

anatomy of a clay table (1280x960)

-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 001 (1280x960) (1280x960)
Our clay table
-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 003 (1280x960) (1280x960)
This adorable fox mug holds our clay tools.
-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 002 (1280x960) (1280x960)
We each have a tray on which we stash our creations – this is my tray
-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 004 (1280x960) (1280x960)
The scrap clay tile. 😀 Scrap clay can marbled into pretty balls or reused.

And thus ends my tiny tour. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this clay-y post!



36 thoughts on “Clay Doughnut Tutorial/Our Clay “Studio”

    1. Thank you! I rolled the doughnut batter into a ball, covered it with a thin piece of white clay, made it into the basic doughnut, and textured the white clay with a toothbrush. Wow, that was long! 😀


      1. Or, you can scrape the tip of a white color pencil to make white powder (to have a somewhat melty powdered sugar look)…or use chalk pastels 🙂 learned that somewhere hehehe try it 😉


  1. ERMEGERDNESS! Those things are adorable. Man, if I had to money, I would totally buy a set. But, unfortunately, I do not have that money to spare. 😢
    Loved the photos! 🙂
    ~ Suzy


  2. *Licks lips* If only I could go to the doughnut shop right now……..
    XD I WANT DOUGHNUTS!!!! EEE! They look SO SO REAL!!! HOW do you DO that!?!?! 😀 They’re SO great! XD


  3. Awesome tutorial 🙂 your donuts look so real! looks yummy hahaha

    and thanks for the tour 🙂 haven’t thought about covering the table with aluminum foil…hmm…I’ll try that too hehehehe


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