100 FOLLOWERS!!! (+ Q & A)

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Yes, you just saw me use 6 exclamation points. 😀 SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

Excuse me for a moment please… *does a happy dance and shouts with glee*

Ahem. Okay. *Bursts into song*

Sorry about that. I am ready now.

Thank you, dear readers, so, so much for your support! And if you didn’t just go click “follow” and disappear, but actually came back to read, comment on, and like my posts, thank you even more! You guys are the best! Here, take a bag of dark chocolate truffles – you’ve earned it! *Hands out virtual chocolate* Go on, dig in!

Now enough of that – LET’S PARTAAAY! XD I’m afraid I can’t pass out virtual cake and ice cream, (dark chocolate truffles are enough sugar for one afternoon) but I am going to do a little Q & A thingy so you can learn some fun facts about me.

Rules: Drop me a comment below, and ask whatever questions you like. (With two exceptions: please ask only nice, appropriate questions, and don’t ask personal information questions, like “Where do you live?” and “How old are you?”) I will answer your questions in a soon-to-come post. You can ask normal things like, “Do you play any instruments?”, “What’s your favorite color?”, and “What do you do for fun?” or you can get creative and ask “Have you ever gone to Timbuktu?”, “Would you rather eat a ketchup, mayonnaise, and hot sauce casserole or a deep fried cricket?”,  and “What was the name of the last unicorn you met.” (Seriously, I do have an answer to that last one.) Feel free to ask any of those questions up there if you don’t know what else to ask. 🙂

And another thing – if you’d like, you can comment with which type of post you most enjoy on my blog, and/or which kind you would like to see more of.

I can’t wait to see what your questions! Thanks again! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



58 thoughts on “100 FOLLOWERS!!! (+ Q & A)

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! That’s awesome, Allison! *throws confetti* *dances with you* *blows party horn* And this fabulous blog really deserves it. 😉
    Ooh, this will be fun. Here are my questions:
    1. Why did you start blogging?
    2. What is your favorite food?
    3. Pens or pencils?
    4. What’s your dream career?
    5. Favorite ice cream flavor?
    6. Tea or coffee?
    7. Would you rather eat gelato or ice cream?

    I think I’ll stop there, ha ha. 😛


  2. Okay! Here are some questions!
    Why do you like to eat doughnuts better than excavators?
    Would you rather meet Anne at Green Gables or Mary Lennox in her Secret Garden?
    A pet unicorn or a pet pushmi-pullu?
    Hehe! That was fun. 😛


  3. Yay, that’s so awesome for you, Allison! 🙂 Congratulations!
    Here are some questions:
    1. What are your favorite board games?
    2. Do you like to listen to a lot of music? What genre?
    3. What is a unique blogging tip you have?
    4. What is your favorite color?

    ~Christian Homeschooler


  4. Congratulations, Allison!! Here are some questions:
    1. Have you ever moved?
    2. Do you play any instruments?
    3. What board games do you like to play?
    4. To what music do you listen?
    5. Do you follow politics at all?
    6. What’s your favorite food that’s not dessert?

    I love your blog! ❤


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  5. Congrats Allison! Woot woot! Thank you for the chocolate *stuffs it in mouth and then chokes* LOL 🙂 Here are my questions!:
    1 If you are allowed to, do you watch anime? (I do and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! :D) JK.
    2 Do you know of any Griffins without a name? 🙂
    3 Have you been to Disney world?
    4 Would you rather go to England or Paris?
    5 How many fairy friends do you have?
    6 Regular potatoes or sweet potatoes?
    7 Mango or Pineapple?
    8 How many followers did you have when you started your blog?
    9 favorite book genre?
    10 Did you know that you’re awesome? 😀
    Seriously though, that’s a great accomplishment, and something to be very proud of 🙂 *hops around clapping and blowing one of those birthday horns* 😀


  6. Wow! Congratulations!!!!!
    Here’s my question:
    How many times have you hugged a tree?(We’ve all done it, Allison. XD 😛 )
    Once again, congratulations!!!!


  7. This was so great!!! CONGRATS!!!!! Here are my questions:
    “What was the name of the last unicorn you met.”
    when did you get Willow?
    When did you get Lily? (She IS yous…isn’t she???)
    XD Have you ever kissed a frog?? (I seriously did this once when I was like 5!!)
    Have you-wait, I’d better not ask that one! XD 😛 😉 Ummm…Ooh! what is your favorite- naahhhh…….
    Ooh! No…I don’t know!!!! XD
    What’s your favorite land animal (s)? How about sea animal???
    Do you have a favorite sport?
    Are you going to comment the answers or post them???????
    Are you sick of questions yet?
    Do you like to eat Ice cream? This is TOTALLY a NO BRAINER! XD XD If you don’t know the answer, then I hope you didn’t take offense to what I just said! XD


  8. *hurray*

    Do you ever watch the news? If so, who do you want for future president?
    Ever worn bunny slippers?
    What are your 5 favorite words?
    5 favorite Disney characters?



  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! *throws confetti and blows little thingamabobs* 😀
    Here are my questions:

    What was the name of the last unicorn you met? XD
    Worst thing you ever tasted?
    What do you spend most of your time doing in the summer?
    Favorite school subject?
    Dream job?
    Favorite cartoon?
    What exotic animal would you like to have as a pet? (Yes, unicorns count. 😉 )

    -Clara ❤

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  10. Congratulations, Allison! Here are my questions.
    When are you coming to Canada next?
    What are your blog stats?
    How many rabbits DO you have?
    Can you do another close up picture and guess blog?
    Do you like photography more than bunnies?
    How many times have you played I-spy?(countless????)
    Would you rather live in a tree or on a roof?
    Would you rather have a ketchup, mayonaise, hot sauce cassorole or a deep fried cricket?XD
    Abigail and Clara


  11. CONGRATS!!!!
    I didn’t read all of the comments to see what questions you’ve been asked. I’m not sure if I’m asking some of the same questions other people have but I’ll ask away 🙂
    What is your favorite animal?
    What is your hobbies?
    Do you like to read?
    What is your favorite things to write about on this blog?


  12. CONGRATS! *dances a jig* *shoves a virtual cake in your face* *sees chocolate truffles and eats them all. Mine*
    OooOOooo questions! Mwuahahaa…
    – There is a grizzly bear running towards you, but your life long friend is hanging from a 100 foot cliff. What do you do?
    – Would you either live in the time of the Great Depression or World War II?
    – What magical power would you want to possess most?
    – Would you rather be the most famous or the richest person in the world?
    – What would be your death wish? (Don’t mean to be morbid here, I’m just curious)
    How’s that for ya? 😉
    ~ Suzy


    1. My questions:
      -Favorite season?
      -Favorite thing to photograph?
      -What was your first pet?
      -How long has your family had bunnies for, and who was the first bunny to enter your household?



  13. Wow, a hundred followers. *widens eyes* YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU’D HAVE FOUR THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SEVEN.


    1. I KNOOOOWWW RIGHT?! SO AMAZING. Also wouldn’t it be weird if someone commented on my current posts with future knowledge like you’re doing with my old ones? XD


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