Path-Breakers (and Other Woodsy Stuff)

We were recently at my grandparents’ house for three days while my parents when on an anniversary trip, and during that time we made ourselves a path through their woods. It was so fun! (But, heh heh, I had to pay for it – my face is half covered in poison ivy rash now. Yeah. But it’s not so bad, actually. It doesn’t itch that much right now, although when I woke up today my face was all puffy. XD )

Oh, and sorry, but I didn’t take any pictures of the path. 😦

*Bursts into laughter* I’m just kidding – of COURSE I took pictures. XD XD

We made the path by clearing away the leaves, rocks, nuts, and sticks; and pulling out and trimming the many roots, saplings, and maybe the occasional unbeknownst poison ivy vine. 😉 It was hard work, my friends. But it was FUN!

DSCN1854 (1280x960)
The beginning of the path (and my brother with a wheelbarrow).

But the our pride and joy was a nice-sized clearing we made in the woods. We even cut down a smallish tree with a handsaw that was in the way. (Uh-huh, yep! XD ) For the clearing, we made sure the ground was especially clear and free of stumps and other poky things because we wanted to be able to walk there barefoot. After we got it all cleared we rimmed the whole thing with rocks which we brought to the clearing via wheelbarrow. Then we added a fire ring (made from rocks), chairs (from stumps), a bench (from stumps and a board), and little table (also from a stump), and hung up a hammock (which we didn’t make. 😀 ).



You can see the size of the clearing best in the third picture.

DSCN1916 (1280x960)DSCN1927 (1280x960)DSCN1902 (1280x960)

Now for some more detailed views.

You can see in the picture above that we made a little fire, but we had to put it out because sparks were kind of flying about, and we weren’t hankering after a forest fire. :/ We might try again when it’s wetter outside. We specifically made the fire ring around the stump of the tree we cut down so that we could burn it off.

DSCN1858 (1280x960)

Stump-chairs and the bench:

We dragged this stump to the clearing for a little table/chair. (The white thing is a quartz rock)

DSCN1921 (1280x960)

The day we made the clearing, Megan found a snail and a salamander. We made them our “mascots” and put them on the stump in a little container. And the next day they had disappeared. 😦 XD

I only have pictures of the snail, but you can go to my sister’s post about this here to see a picture of (the back of) the salamander.

DSCN1861 (1280x960)

DSCN1863 (1280x960)
Aren’t snail shells beautiful? I love the way God designed them.

And the hammock… ahh!

DSCN1915 (1280x960)

Looking up at the sky from the hammock…

DSCN1930 (1280x960)

I can’t wait to see the path in spring! All the new leaves and blooming forsythia bushes will make it beautiful.

So far the path is about 400 feet (we added some past the clearing too), and we’re going to keep making it longer!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour. 🙂


P. S. Before you leave I wanted to show you some neat pictures I took of my sister puffing a puffball. I LOVE puffballs, don’t you?! 😀 (Click on a pictures to enlarge.)

P. P. S. I took gobs more pictures of things like sunsets and farm landscapes while I was at my grandparents’ house, so look for those soon. (By the way, my grandparents live just up the road – we are so blessed!)


21 thoughts on “Path-Breakers (and Other Woodsy Stuff)

  1. This was great!!! I loved lookin’ at the pics! It looks and sounds like lots of fun-other than the poison Ivy part. :/ 😦 That’s too bad, I hope you get to feeling better!!! 🙂 AA! That hammock looks neat, especially to be where it is! We have a hammock too!!! 🙂 🙂 😛 It’s neat!
    What’s a puff-ball!?!?!?! I’ve never seen one-although they do look neat!!! Hehe! 😛 AA! I SOO wish I could have been there, or could have seen it!!! 🙂 😉 Maybe someday! XD 😛 😉 🙂 We don’t have enough land to do that on. :/ 😮 XD 🙂 😉 I’m SOO blessed and happy to live in the country! I LOVE living in the country!!! 🙂 With horses! 🙂


    1. Thanks, K. A.!
      Yeah, I hope the poison ivy will clear up soon.
      A puffball is kind of like mushroom. It’s a little ball with lots of spores inside, and when you squeeze it, POUF! All the spores come out in a cloud. 🙂
      Yeah, I really hope you can come see one day…
      Yep, I know, the country is AMAZING! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome!
        Ooh, yes. I’m not allergic to poison Ivy, so I don’t really know what it’s like…although once I ate too many scapes, the things on the top of garlic, and my eyes got puffy! XD I learned not to eat like twenty of them at one time! XD XD 😛
        Hehe! Oohhhhhhh! Okay! 😛 Neat! It sounds cool!!!! 😛
        YES! OH YES,YES,YES,YES,YES! COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O o_O 🙂 😀 XD LOVE IT! 😛 XD XD Still no baby goats. 😦 XD 🙂


          1. Hehe! 😛 They are what grow on the top of wild garlic…after the garlic has gotten full and stuff, sometime in July or August probably, there are these little white things that grow on the top of them and are yummy!!!! 🙂 Just don’t eat twentie at a time! XD here…I’ll find a pic…..

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! Yeah, I guess from the pictures it does look like fall. But the daffodils are blooming and forsythias are starting to blossom here too! I guess it’s just that dirt paths and dead leaves don’t look much like spring. XD

      Liked by 1 person

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