Q & A: Part 2

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Welcome back for “Q & A with Allison: Part 2!” 😀 As most of you know, I am doing this little question and answer thingy in celebration of the fact that I now have 100 followers!! (Oh, oops – 106 now. YIPPEE! 😀 ) See the first part of Q & A here.


Mercer Creative‘s Questions

1. What’s your favorite thing about living on a farm? Ooh, that’s a good one! Let me do three of my favorite things about living on a farm: I love the nature, the space, and watching the crops grow.

2. Where’s your favorite place? Well, I don’t know if it’s my absolute favorite, but one place I really like is on our farm. We call it Crystal Pond, not because the water is crystal clear (it’s actually kinda muddy), but because there are lots of beautiful crystal quartz rocks scattered on the shore. I like it because there are some of my favorite kinds of nature there – moss, mushrooms, pretty rocks, and water. 🙂 It’s also neat how the pond is kind of sealed off from the rest of the world by a ring of trees and brush. You can see a post I made about it here.


Josie‘s Questions

  1. What’s the name of the last unicorn you met? Okay. This might disappoint you but… the last unicorn I met wasn’t a live unicorn. I know. It’s a shocker, right? Okay, maybe it wasn’t so much of a shocker… XD The last unicorn I met is named Alice. You can see some pictures of Alice right here on my Etsy shop.
  2. What’s your favorite book? Umm… how about a few of my favorites. 😀 A lot of my favorite books are actually series. I love the Narnia series, the Anne of Green Gables series, the Penderwick series, the Little House series, and of course a lot of other books. 🙂
  3. What’s your favorite post you’ve written? Help! This is hard! Umm… in this post, I showed you a few of my favorite photography posts. But some other posts I really like are this weird and wacky eggs post because it showed a part of farm life that not everyone knows about, this WordCrafters post because it was SO fun to do WordCrafters with you all (Thanks, Josie, for helping! We’ll probably do it again in May), this gnome story post because it’s funny and it was fun to make, this snow pictures post because I’m still rather proud of that last picture (XD), and this rose photoshoot post because I’m also still proud of those pictures. Heh heh. That was a few more than my one favorite post, but I just couldn’t choose! XD
  4. Why did you start your blog? Misty asked this question in the last part, and the short answer is, “Because my sister had one and it looked like fun.” 😛


Addy‘s Questions

  1. If you are allowed to, do you watch anime? We don’t really watch TV except for the Olympics (which I LOVE by the way) and political debates, although we do watch movies pretty often. So the short answer is no, not really. 😀
  2. Do you know of any Griffins without a name? 🙂 Uhh… I can’t say that I do because I’m not exactly sure what this question means… 😀 XD
  3. Have you been to Disney world? Nope. And I’m okay with that. 🙂
  4. Would you rather go to England or Paris? Hmm… this is a hard one! It would be fun to see some pretty England countryside, so maybe England.
  5. How many fairy friends do you have? Uhh…? The only fairies in my acquaintance are Belle, Lily, and Scarlett. So three, I suppose. 🙂
  6. Regular potatoes or sweet potatoes? Ooh! I love both. Maybe regular potatoes though, because they can be prepared in so many delicious ways.
  7. Mango or Pineapple? YUMMM! I LOVE FRUIT! Ahem. I love both, but I choose mangoes because we have those less often, and they are simply delicious. 😀
  8. How many followers did you have when you started your blog? Well when I just started I had zero of course, but in the first month or so I only had 1 or 2 followers I think – my sister Megan and my grandparents. Thank you guys! ♥ And thank you all my lovely followers. 🙂
  9. Favorite book genre? I mainly like fantasy fiction (not dark fantasy fiction, though), historical fiction, and everyday adventures fiction – stories like the Penderwicks and Anne of Green Gables which don’t necessarily have a plot, but are more like well-done, interesting fictional accounts of the lives of the characters. I also like biographies, which is probably why I like reading about the lives of fictional characters too.
  10. Did you know that you’re awesome? 😀 Aww, thanks SO much, Addy! That was wonderfully sweet of you to say that. ♥ ♥ ♥


Genna‘s Question

  1. How many times have you hugged a tree? XD Hee hee! I can’t say as I know the exact answer to your question, Genna. XD I’ve certainly leaned on trees a lot of times, but I don’t know how many times I’ve hugged them. I remember one particular time that I did hug a tree – when we went on a trip and saw sequoias and redwoods. Our whole family made a circle and hugged a tree, but we couldn’t reach around it!


K.A.‘s Questions

  1. What was the name of the last unicorn you met? See my answer to Josie’s first question. 🙂
  2. When did you get Willow and when did you get Lily? (She IS yours…isn’t she?) I got Willow in August 2015 (click on the links to see pictures of Willow then and now-ish (she’s the one with fluffy fur)), and Lily in May 2015 (Look how tiny she was: then and now! The “now” link will take you to a post by my sister with a picture of a very large Lily. XD). Yep, they are both my bunnies. ♥
  3. Have you ever kissed a frog? (I seriously did this once when I was like 5!!) Hee hee! That’s hilarious! No, I don’t remember kissing a frog, although it’s possible that I did.
  4. What’s your favorite land animal (s)? How about sea animal? Some of my favorite land animals are bunnies, hedgehogs, and giraffes. Some of my favorite sea animals are whales, dolphins, and starfish.
  5. Do you have a favorite sport? Eh… I don’t really play sports or watch them, so not really. Although I do love swimming, and I love watching gymnastics and swimming in the Olympics.
  6. Are you going to comment the answers or post them? Heh heh. XD
  7. Are you sick of questions yet? Well, yes and no. They are great fun to answer, but if I work on them for too long I get kind of tired of them. (Mostly because of how long it takes to add all of my links. XD) But I love your questions, guys, and I’m so glad I did this!
  8. Do you like to eat Ice cream? It depends on the flavor. I don’t dislike any kind of ice cream necessarily, it’s just that some flavors, are just – eh… okay. But certain kinds of ice/sherbet/frozen yogurt I do love to eat, yes!


There! You asked some great questions, guys. 🙂 Come back soon for more! ♥



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    1. Heh heh. 🙂 Do you mean because I had so many questions? Don’t feel sorry for me -it was fun! Although a tad tiring… 😀 I’m glad you liked it!


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