Bird Jamboree

Ta-daa! The birdies post, as promised. 🙂

Spring is on the way here! You can hear birds twittering and singing around you which feels ever so much springier. (The first three pictures were taken at my grandparents house.)


DSCN1912 (1280x960)
Tufted Titmouse
DSCN1771 (1280x960)
Cute lil’ chickadee
RSCN1770 (1280x960)
And the same… 🙂
-Allison(pond, geese) 014
This is a sneak peek from a future post. 😉
Allison-(fog sunset, cloth) 043
I saw this duck pair at a park.
Allison-(fog sunset, cloth) 045
Lift off!


Okay. None of these last pictures are beautiful pictures, but I took them so that you can see how good my camera’s zoom is. The first picture was taken all the way zoomed out, and the last was zoomed in really far (but not quite as far as it can go) and then cropped. Both images were taken from the same exact place. You can’t even see the morning dove at all in the top picture! The second picture shows where the mourning dove is. (At least I’m pretty sure that’s what that miniscule, bird-shaped speck was when I zoomed it up on PicMonkey!) And the third (super blurry because I cropped it so much) picture shows you again.

close and far (2)

close and far (3).jpg

close and far (5)

close and far (1)

Isn’t that simply AMAZING? I can hardly believe it myself, even though I took the picture!

Which picture was your favorite? Have a springy day!



21 thoughts on “Bird Jamboree

  1. Your cameras zoom is amazing! I think the one I use does it too, it just has to have a different lens. I really like the picture of the duck couple walking. 🙂


  2. No, I don’t believe it. That’s impossible!! That bird is very clear and close-up; zoom doesn’t make things ‘clear’. You have an amazing camera!



    1. I KNOW! When I was putting the pictures on there I was like… “Are these even RIGHT?!” XD XD Yep, I really love my camera. 🙂 It’s a Nikon Coolpix L830 (which is now discontinued, but the new model is L840). On the description on Amazon, it says “34x optical zoom plus an astounding 68x Dynamic Fine Zoom” No wonder it’s so good!


        1. Well to be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the fine zoom is. XD But first I just zoomed in (optical zoom, I think), and then I cropped the image (fine zoom, maybe??).


  3. OH MY!! That’s crazy!! I loved the pics!! HOW IN THE WORLD does your camera have suck an AMAZING ZOOM!!! That’s weird!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWO! I’m REALLY shocked! 🙂 Those were all cool pics! In the pic with the two birds starting to fly, the lighter duck looked almost camouflaged with the grass!!! XD 😉 🙂 😛


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