Happy Easter! + Spring Photos

Happy Easter, everyone! Christ has risen!

happy easter collage

easter poster 1easter poster 2

I thought I’d show you a few Easter-y springy pictures too. 🙂 Spring is like the year’s resurrection – the old bare trees and brown grass come to life again. Christ’s resurrection is infinitely more amazing and wondrous than spring is or ever will be, but in the new birth of spring perhaps we have a miniscule, faint taste of the joy which we will experience at Christ’s return!

So with that, enjoy this humongous spring collage. 🙂 (Click on any photo to bring up an enlarged slideshow thingy of all of the photos.)

Once again, HAPPY EASTER!



32 thoughts on “Happy Easter! + Spring Photos

        1. Umm, sure! If YOU can still chat! But not at this moment – I have to go get a pitcher of milk. If you can’t chat by the time you get this, how about 5:30 tomorrow?


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