Art Lab, Episode #6: White on Black

Welcome back, my friends! I’ve been having lots of fun with white gel pens and black paper. Do you want to see? Okey-dokey. 😀 But first, here’s the official prompt:

Technique: White gel pen on black paper

Here are four ATCs I made using this technique. (Sorry about the smudges. 😦 That’s one thing you have to be careful of when using gel pens.)

art lab (1) (800x600)
“Glow-in-the-Dark Fish” (It doesn’t really glow in the dark. 😛 )
Art Lab (800x600)
“String Art”
art lab (3) (800x600)
“Moonlit Night”
art lab (2) (800x600)


Isn’t that technique neat? It works especially well with sharp, straight lines. Which is your favorite ATC? Mine is probably the “Moonlit Night” one.




31 thoughts on “Art Lab, Episode #6: White on Black

      1. 😀 No problem!!! 🙂 Did I ever tell you that I made two ATCs…? 😀 I THINK that’s what to call them, even though they are on a normal piece of paper…??? :/ 😉 They’re…not terrible! XD For my first ones! 😛 🙂 But I made them a while ago! 😉


        1. Ooh, that’s neat! Maybe you could glue them onto cardstock and trade on the next ATC trade! Even if you can’t trade them, I’d still love to see pictures of them!

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