County Fair Photo Entries 2016

Greetings and salutations! XD

Our county fair opens in about two weeks, and I’m so excited! These are my entries for the photography section of the fair. (The fair categories are in bold). The links will take you to the post where the photo was first featured on my blog. Enjoy!

Abstract: {Flower Overload, Part 2}

Action: {The View from the Roof}

Artistic (which means creative photo editing): {CWWC}

Close Up: {More Snow Pictures!}

Humorous: {Bunny Therapy}

Landscape: {Vacation, Part 1: Niagara Falls}

Patriotic: {Boom, Crackle, Bang!}

People: {The View from the Roof}

Pets: {Meet Casey the Kitten}

Pictorial: {Mystery Revealed! #8}

Rural (Um, I’ll take out the county name): {Gone Fishing}

Wildlife: {BIBPC  #2: Praying Mantis’ Feast (and Other Critters)}

There we go – a few photography highlights from 2016. 🙂

Which photo was your favorite? Do you have an annual fair where you live? Do you enter things in it?


P. S. Hayley and I are renovating Art Lab! We’re adding a few more artists to the group and starting it up again. We’re also going to collect and repost all of the Art Lab posts onto the official Art Lab blog, so you can scroll through the posts with ease. 🙂 You can follow it if you like! Hopefully there will be an Art Lab post up tomorrow. 😀


45 thoughts on “County Fair Photo Entries 2016

  1. I love these! Especially the action one. We just moved to a town two weeks ago that has a fair. They’re going to have it in a couple weeks too. Maybe we will go it and I can enter things next year;)

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  2. I love the pictures! I especially like the fireworks one. It’s an amazing picture!
    Anyway, I hope you do well! Are you allowed to win in more than one category?
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. After the fair is over, please tell us if you won in anything! 😀


  3. Oh my. OH MY OH MYYYYY!!!! You are SO going to win like… all of those. ALLISON!!!! THOSE ARE LIKE THE MORST AMAZING PICTURES IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!????? *sobs* 😛 XD Haha!!! 🙂 THAT IS SO SO AMAZING I AM SHOCKED!!! I don’t think we have an ‘annual fair’ here… if we do, then I never enter pics.. I’m not sure how to anyway! XD


  4. Awesome pictures! You are a profesh photographer! I loved all the pics, but my favorites were the one of the eye and the bunny! Yes, we have a county fair here, I entered some contests in it last year but didn’t this year… then when we went to it, I wished I had entered stuff! LOL! I WILL enter next year, hopefully 😛 !


    1. Wow, thank you so much, Livy! 😀 Yeah! I’m probably going to do a post with what prizes I got soon – at least for the photography – because Christian Homeschooler asked me about that. 🙂
      Ha ha, yes, it’s super fun to enter stuff in! (Especially if you win prizes. XD )


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