TIWC #2: The Dust Pixies, Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of Grace’s TIWC and part 2 of The Dust Pixies! I’m so glad you guys liked the last part! (Click here to read it.) Thanks so much for your sweet comments. ♥

Grace, I used all three prompts and included “pencil” in my story. 🙂


Father wasn’t exactly pleased to hear that I had met a human. “You did WHAT?! Mae, sweetheart, you know how dangerous that is. If the humans find us they could destroy our whole colony in the flick of a duster!”

“But Father, she was nice! She was like Lyri, like one of us.” Lyri is my best friend. She’s dark haired and quiet, a lot like the human girl – and just the opposite of blond, boisterous me.

“Mae, honey, humans just act friendly way to trick you. They’ll only hurt you if you try to befriend them.” Father firmly latched the corral gate to contain the excited dust bunnies and looked me straight in the eye. “I don’t want you to ever get close to a human again, do you understand? You may think this girl can be trusted, but she can’t. Dust pixie history is filled with massacres and deaths caused by traitorous humans. Don’t let that happen, Mae. Now I mean that. You are not to visit that human ever again.” Father gave me a serious look that told me he meant what he said.

I nodded sadly. “Yes, Father. I understand.”

I glared at the baby dust bunny who had caused all this mess. “You,” I said angrily, “are in big trouble.” The bunny just twitched its nose and peered at me mischievously, its eyes twinkling. My heart melted. “Oh you little rascal!” I squeezed the little fluffball and smiled.

I told Lyri all about it the next day. Her family lived under the piano – in fact, Lyri was an excellent pianist, having taught herself from the piano books the humans left open.

Lyri listened wide-eyed to my harrowing account. “You mean you actually talked to a human?”

I nodded proudly. “I want to go see her again, but Father says absolutely not.” I sighed. “Someday, though, I’ve got to find her again. Someday for sure.”


One year later…

I bounced over to Lyri’s house and rapped on her door. I stared at the “No. 2” imprinted in black upon the yellow pencil-planks, just as I always did while waiting for Lyri to answer. And as always I marveled that the words were nearly erased by dents from human teeth marks long ago. Humans must be strange creatures indeed to chew wood!

Suddenly the No. 2 swung out of sight and I found myself staring instead at Lyri’s excited face. “Are you ready?”

“Nope, are you?”

It took Lyri a moment to realize I was teasing. That was the thing with Lyri – she always took things so literally.

“Ha ha,” she said sarcastically, “very funny.” Lyri and I had both been looking forward to this Collecting since forever. Finally we were old enough to scavenge for string, cracker bits, matchboxes, and the countless other human leftovers we dust pixies used every day. I hitched my dust-bunny-wool collecting sack higher on my shoulders, Lyric gave her lilac wings a quick stretch, and we set off.

We lost no time in slipping into the secret entrance behind the fireplace. Long ago the dust pixies had found that the best way to get from one side of the house to the other was to travel through the walls. The narrow, vaulted stone space between the walls was lit by candle stubs, many of which were nearly burnt down. Lyric and I gathered up the wax drippings to melt down into future candles. At last we came to the end of the tunnel; I peeked cautiously out the peephole in the wall.

“All clear,” I whispered.

Lyri and I stepped out of the dark tunnel and into…

Oh no. Something long and yellow was rolling towards us. It was labeled “No. 2.” And it was dented with human teeth marks. Human.

pencil (663x497).jpg

Lyri clutched my hand and we shrank back against the baseboard. I lifted my trembling face up, up, and saw the same dark hair and wide gray blue eyes of the girl I had met last year on Round-up day. We had to get out of here. Father had warned me.

“Lyri, get back in the tunnel,” I breathed. But already the human had stooped down to get a closer look at us. We cowered together in terror, hearts thumping together. I could hear Lyri gasping for breath.

“You came back,” the human girl whispered with a soft smile on her face. “I knew you would. Please don’t be scared; I won’t hurt you – I promise. I just want to be friends.”

Friends. Father’s voice echoed like an alarm in my head “Humans just act friendly to trick you. They’ll only hurt you if you try to befriend them.”

“No,” I gasped. “We don’t want to be friends with a human. Go away.”

The girl shook her head, gently but firmly. “I won’t go away yet. I have to know who you are. You remind me of something, something familiar, something I can’t quite remember… Who are you? What are you?”

I gulped, but obediently answered the giant’s question. “I’m Mae, and this is my friend Lyri. We’re dust pixies…”

The girl cut me off with a sudden cry. “So that’s what you are,” she whispered in awe. “Dust pixies. Of course! And that little dusty thing that you were carrying when we first met must have been a dust bunny!” The girl was growing more and more excited. “I should have known! It’s really you. Oh, I can’t believe it! I’d almost forgotten about that day!” She took a deep breath and continued in a calmer voice, “I’m sorry. Let me explain…”


Duh-duh-DUN! 😀

I hope you enjoyed this part! Have you found any evidence of dust pixies in your house since you read the first part? 😉


P. S. True story: I set out to find a picture of a chewed up pencil on Pinterest. Nope, no luck. On the web in general? Not quite what I was aiming for. Did we have an actual chewed up pencil in our house? Nuh-uh. So guess what I did? I chewed one up myself. Ta-daa!


47 thoughts on “TIWC #2: The Dust Pixies, Part 2

  1. LOL, that’s so funny you chewed a pencil for the picture. Sound like something I would do. XD
    This part was GREAT! I want more….

    -Clara ❤


  2. She needs to Explain? Explain?? What’s gonna happen? (It’s really late and dark so it took me so long to type that… 😛 ) Haha, that’s funny that you chewed up a pencil!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha wow your dedication to finding the right-chewed up pencil. 😍 And the story was 😍😍😍. I want to be the human in the story. Wish I could meet those dust pixies one day. 😢


    1. Hee hee! Yes, I was determined. XD
      Aww, yay! I’m so glad you liked it! Yeah, me too… Actually I have a feeling some dust bunnies need rounding up under our couch, so maybe if I watch really carefully, I’ll see a dust pixie! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Guess What! I found a really dusty spot on thing at a hotel where there was a cut stone and on top of that there were cushions, and on the part of the stone that goes up, i found a whole lotta dust! It must be a dust pixie ladder!


      1. Yup, Probably! Or maybe if their wings are sore! And thanks! I don’t think I’ll be able to look for them for a very long time because I am in a house that has very many spider spotting and I am deathly afraid of spiders. Oh, fine! I’ll tell them the truth. OK here it comes *deep breath*:1 spider spotting in the last 6 months *did I have to, Moooooooom?* *Yes, you have to*


  5. This was epic! You are such a creative writer and I am really looking forward to part 3!! How many parts do you write? Keep up the great work! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Hooray! I’m glad you liked it, Livy! I’m going to post part 3 really soon (like tonight). 🙂 I’ll probably write as many parts as there are TIWC challenges, which I think might be seven or eight… I’m not sure. Thanks! ♥


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