A Collection of Sunsets

Lately I’ve been taking a bunch of pictures of sunsets. You may know this already but I l♥ve sunsets – they’re one of my favorite things to photograph!

Sunset #1: This first sunset had a gorgeous fiery sky with one of the biggest spreads I have ever seen!


I edited this one – maybe a bit too much. :/ But I love the composition with the silos to one side!


Sunset #2: I was swinging in the hammock and saw this sunset which was really more of a glow. It’s much more subtle and soft, but still bee-you-ti-ful.

Look at all the power lines in the next photo! Argh! In the photo after that I erased the power lines. It took me forever, but it worth it, don’t you think?!


So much prettier!
I took out the power lines here too.




Sunset #3: I noticed this sunset because it made a building look red, it was so bright!


Again, I removed the power lines. Doesn’t this almost look like a sunrise? (Not that I would know since I practically never get up early enough to watch one. XD


Which sunset was your favorite?

P. S. CrazyGirl is hosting a challenge kind of like WordCrafters on her blog! Check out the rules and fun characters here.


56 thoughts on “A Collection of Sunsets

  1. Wow! They’re so beautiful!!! May I ask, how did you erase those power lines? Do you use an app or is it already built in the camera?


    1. Thank you so much!
      Good question. I partly used the cloning tool on PicMonkey (picmonkey.com is a great photo-editing website), and I partly used the removal feature in ASUS Photo Director. Thanks for asking!

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  2. Beautiful pictures! These are awesome!
    P.S. Inspired by your moon photography post, I tried taking moon pictures tonight… with my phone… o_O . It was interesting playing with the settings, though, and some of them actually resembled the moon! (as opposed to a white blob) XD 😛


  3. Wow! I love these pictures, Allison! All of them were beautiful, but the second set was my favorite. Sunsets are perfect times for taking pictures 🙂


  4. These sunsets are so pretty and i’m impressed with your skills of erasing the power lines making the pictures even prettier! I also love photography and i wish there were more beautiful sunsets like this where i live!


  5. You take amazing photographs. & your editing of the pictures was well done. I know some artists play with the perspective using power lines, so sometimes it good to leave them in too. Keep up the great work I love seeing your photographs.


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