Another Sunset Post?!

Yes, yes, I know, another sunset post. “Will they ever end,” you ask me? “Well of course not!” I reply indignantly. XD Why would I give up sunset photography – sunsets are one of my favorite things everrrr! 😀

Therefore and thusly, onwards we go!



Isn’t it so neat how the clouds look almost like they’re painted?


Sooo pretty!



I hope you enjoyed yet another sunset post. 😀 Have a lovely day, lovely people!


P. S. Random fact of the day: my littlest sister tried to “polish” the furniture and now everything is greasy. XD One of our desks was literally oozing furniture polish. :’) Oh well…


71 thoughts on “Another Sunset Post?!

  1. Yet again, more beautiful photography my none other than Allison!! 😉 Aww, your little sister tried! Is the polish hard to get off? 😉


    1. Aww, thank you so much, Livy!
      Ha ha, yeah! XD No, I think it will wear off pretty soon, although it would probably be easy to wipe the excess off. The other funny thing is after she polished the furniture she cleaned the mirror… with her oily rag! XD XD It took Megan and Mom a long time to get THAT off. :’)


  2. No worries about overloading us with sunset posts, your photos are gorgeous! That’s cute that your sister tried to tidy up your furniture haha


  3. Oh, sunsets! I love them too. But these were too many, to be honest. Not that I didn’t like seeing them.

    Keep sharing this stuff!


  4. Ooh, these are just stunning! I looove your sunset posts! 😀 I haven’t really found a good sunset spot to try it out (too many trees!), but when I do I’d love to get some sunset photos. 🙂
    ~Grace ❤
    P.S. Aww, that's so cute! 😀


  5. I especially like the 8th one (not including the one before the title). But ALL of them are really pretty. I like taking pictures of sunsets too. I only have taken pictures of a sunRISE once, but I have yet to take more sunrise pictures. And I agree with you, it does look like the sky is painted.


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