Art Lab, Episode 18: Bring on the Christmas Lights!

DSC_0427 (800x533).jpg

Are you guys excited for Christmas? I sure am! Today I have a fun Christmasy way to decorate an envelope for your pen pal or friend or family. Grab an envelope, fine-tip markers or gel pens, and colored pencils, and here we go…

Idea: Christmasy envelope

  1. Set the stage. envelope-1-1280x960
  2. Hang up the strands. envelope-2-1280x853
  3. String on the lights. envelope-3-1280x853
  4. Turn the lights on.envelope-4-1280x853envelope 5 (1280x853).jpg
  5. Add the lyrics of a favorite Christmas carol.

  6. Send it off to make someone happy!

Ahh, I love Christmas lights. They’re so cheery, and really make Christmas feel cozy. Don’t you agree? Do you string lights up around your house? We don’t usually, but this year we strung some on our front porch, and it looks beautiful! 😀

If you made some art inspired by this post, we’d love to see it! Visit our “Art Gallery” page here to see the details. Thanks for reading! 😀


P. S. I have some fun sidebar changes planned… *rubs hands*. XD


26 thoughts on “Art Lab, Episode 18: Bring on the Christmas Lights!

  1. Awesome idea! 😀 I will probably try it, I’m on backlog with letters, LOL! 😉 I love Christmas lights too, we don’t string them around our house, but we have them inside our house, and I have a colored strand over my double window in my room and a white strand over one of my single windows, it looks awesome! 😀



    1. Yay, I’m so glad you liked it! Ha ha, that’s understandable if you have as many pen pals as you do! Wow! Do you write a letter every day? O.o
      Ooh yes, they are so pretty!


      1. To catch up I really should write a letter a day, LOL! I’m just always doing other things, I try to write letters while I watch tv with the family, although half the time what we’re watching is too interesting to miss, ha-ha! O.o

        Did you decorate your room for Christmas? 😉


        1. Wow, yeah, that’s a lot! XD
          Actually we didn’t really decorate our room for Christmas, although we decorated the downstairs and wound Christmas lights around the banister leading up to our room. So pretty!


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked it and want to try it! Aww, you don’t have to be an artsy person to make this – it just takes a simple design and a little bit of patience. 😉 You’re welcome!

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