Mystery Pictures #9

Oh my goodness, it’s been almost a year since I did one of these! I guess it’s high time for another one, huh? Eep, I’m so excited! In case you’re not familiar with these posts, here’s how they work.

I’m going to show you 10 super close-up pictures of ordinary objects, and you guys just guess what they are. Comment below with your guesses, and I’ll reveal the answers and the winners next Wednesday the 14th. Oh, and I don’t approve these comments until I reveal the mystery, just so no one gets ideas from another guesser, so don’t panic if your comment isn’t showing up. 😉 And lastly, to see my previous mystery pictures posts, click here.

Alrighty! Let’s begin!


mystery pictures 5


mystery pictures 2.1


mystery pictures 3


mystery pictures 4


mystery pictures 8

mystery pictures 9


mystery pictures 10


mystery pictures 12


mystery pictures 13


mystery pictures 14

 And that’s it!
YAY I’m so excited to read your guesses! I hope you enjoyed this little post, and thanks for reading, dears!

54 thoughts on “Mystery Pictures #9

  1. Wow I don’t know any of these except for one. XD I SHALL TRY THOUGH.

    1: I honestly have no idea. 😛
    2: Pliers??? Some sort of tool.
    3: Avocado?
    4: Money!
    5: A… cover thing. XD
    6: EE I FEEL LIKE I KNOW THIS!!! *sigh* I’ll have to guess fly swatter, though I know that’s not it. XD
    7: Hay? Bamboo?
    8: A mattress?
    9: Either part of a granola bar or something like that, or the thing that you put on the floor of guinea pig/bunny cages.
    10: THIS LOOKS FAMILIAR AAGAHGHAG. Cake. Bread. Pastry. Corn.

    This was fun, Allison! 😀

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  2. 1. Cheese grater
    2. Fingernail clippers or some sort of grooming tool. 😉
    3. Green Buttercup Squash
    4. Money!
    5. Bread knife or saw
    6. Colander?
    7. Basket
    8. Sand dollar
    9. Cork board
    10. Sea shell

    These are so much fun, I can’t wait for the results! 😀


  3. That was SOO much fun!! My guesses are these: #1 No idea #2 Nail clippers #3 Pumpkin 4# Dollar Bill #5 No idea #6 One of those plastic basket thingies (sorry, I don’t know the name) #7 Hay bale #8 Sand dollar #9 Cookie? #10 Shell


  4. 1. Cheese grater?
    2. Nail clippers/nail file
    3. Acorn?
    4. Dollar bills
    5. No Idea
    6. Strainer
    7. Don’t know
    8. Rug
    9. I don’t know. Maybe dog food?
    10. It looks like some sort of food, but I don’t know what.

    This was fun to do, Allison, so I’m glad that you’re doing another one! 😀
    ~Christian Homeschooler

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  5. OOOOH, this was really fun!!!
    1. Cheese grater
    2. Toe nail clippers
    3. an avocado?
    4. money?
    5. NO idea!
    6. looks like something we use in our rabbits’ litterboxes as a “screen” but this one looks way too clean haha 😉
    7. a broom?
    8. A sand dollar!
    9. bark?
    10. A shell?

    Can’t wait to find out!

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  6. Fun post idea!!! Okay…
    1. cheese grater
    2. nail clippers
    3. avocado I think
    4. a placemat???
    5. I don’t know!
    6. one of those things that you sift sand in
    7. a broom
    8. a sand dollar
    9. ???
    10. a seashell!


  7. 1. I have no idea 😛
    2. Nail clippers
    3. Avacado
    4. Dollar bill
    5. The edge of some sort of carved wood thing (I’m so good with words XD )
    6. Fly swatter
    7. Broom
    8. Sand dollar
    9. Tree bark
    10. Seashell

    YAY I love this game. 😀

    -Clara ❤

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  8. 1. Cheese grate. 2. Toenail clippers. 3. Avocado. 4. Money. 5. I don’t know. 6. Plastic something lol! Oops. 7. Broom. 8. Sea (sand) dollar. 9. Ahh gosh looks familiar but I don’t know. 10. Sea shell.
    Pretty fun, Allison. 🙂

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  9. Ooh, yay! It’s so funny, because I just recently was looking at an old mystery post, thinking about how you didn’t do them anymore XD .
    Let’s see…
    1. Cheese grater
    2. Nail clipper
    3. Avocado
    4. Money/paper dollars
    5. Serrated knife
    6. Eek! Um, a silicone/rubber hotpad/potholder? Or a toy racket…? (The hotpad/potholder is my “official” guess)
    7. Broom
    8. Sand dollar
    9. Cork
    10. Sea shell
    I’m kind of surprised at how well I could see them (that is, if I was correct XD ) . I nearly didn’t get the cheese grater, and at first the sand dollar looked like some sort of dirty foam, haha! This was fun, and I look forward to seeing the answers!

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    1. P.S. Can I change an answer if I realize that it is something else, or is what I put final? Just wondering in case I do figure one out later.


  10. OK, here are my guesses! (I’m not confident on all of them.)

    1. Cheese shredder

    2. A nail clipper

    3. Some sort of fruit, like some sort of squash

    4. A dollar bill

    5. A wooden board like a cutting board or fence-like thing or something else

    6. A plastic basket/box type thing

    7. A straw basket

    8. A sand dollar

    9. A dry ground surface or natural rock wall

    10. A sea-shell

    Well, hope I at least got some of them right! This was neat, Alison! 😉

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  11. Ok here goes! 1. A typewriter? 2. A knife? 3. An avocado? 4. Napkins? 5. Wood? 6. Fly-swatter? 7. Broom? 8. Fossil? 9. Rocks? 10. And a seashell? Wow, that was hard!! I love it when you do these posts!! 🙂

    -Addylover 🙂

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  12. #1: Er….
    #2: Nail clipper
    #3: Cucumber
    #4: Picture
    #5: A piece of cardboard
    #6 : Net
    #7: Bamboo mat
    #8: Sand dollar
    #9: Rocks/stones
    #10: Shell

    Hope I’m right!!! What does the winner get? Hehe!

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  13. Yay! I love these! Thanks for bringing them back, Allison! 😀
    Here are my guesses:
    1. Cheese grater/lemon zester
    2. Nail file on a nail clipper
    3. Avocado
    4. Dollar bills
    5. Some sort of wooden thing
    6. Plastic grid (maybe a sand toy?)
    7. Basket
    8. Sand dollar
    9. Cork board
    10. Seashell

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  14. 1. Cheese grater
    2. Nail clippers
    3. Um… some sort of vegetable? An avocado, maybe? (Not sure what they look like, but it sounds good)
    4. Is that what a dollar bill looks like?
    5. The edge of a board of wood?
    6. A plastic sifter
    7. A broom of straw
    8. A sand dollar
    9. Is that dirt? That is some weird-looking dirt if it is…
    10. Some sort of food? They sort of look like french fries… maybe it’s bread. But that would be weird-looking bread. I give up.


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  15. #1. Cheese grater, #2. fingernail clippers, #3. avocado, #4. money (dollar bills, but maybe they are more than just a dollar 😀 ) #5. knife (man, that’s a hard one! I had to stare at that one for a little bit 🙂 ), #6. fly swatter, #7. broom, #8. sand dollar, #9. granola bar, #10. seashell, all the way! This is such a fun idea!
    Jewels ❤

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  16. #1: Cheese grater
    #2: Finger/toe nail clipper
    #3: An avacado (I LOVE THOSE)
    #4: Bills of money
    #5: A bread knife (the kind that you use for…bread :P)
    #6: Flyswatter
    #7: Straw broom
    #8: Maybe a…a…a hankercheif?
    #9: Corktop
    #10: Seashell


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  17. 1.cheese grater 🧀
    2.nail clippers✌️
    4.dollar 💸
    5.?😬 swatter🐜
    8.sand dollar 🐚 cork? 🍷
    10.sea shell 🐚
    Awesome post! -Brooke


  18. Yay! Another mystery pictures post!
    #2. Nail clippers
    #3. An avocado or a pickle?
    #6. A fly swatter? XD Or one of those things you use to cover food? 😛
    #7. I know it’s bamboo or something… maybe it’s a fence?
    #8. All I have is Styrofoam and flower.
    #9. A cork
    #10. My mind is blank…. XD

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  19. OH I LOVE THESE POSTS! Here are my guesses:
    1. grater / cheese grater
    2. nail clipper (+file)
    3. squash / gourd / something in that family? XD
    4. dollar bill / money
    5. the edge of a shelf?? i’m not sure specifically . . .
    6. plastic canvas / plastic embroidery net
    8. sand dollar
    9. bark / wood chips / wood or wood shavings of some sort
    10. I can’t figure this one out either. Sigh. XDDD

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  20. 1.crayon
    3. avocado
    4. money
    5. wood wall decor
    6.bottom of a shoe or fly swatter
    8. towel or bathroom rug
    9. cereal
    10. seashell

    thanks for the fun.

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  21. This is so cool! Is it okay if I only guess some of them? 🙂

    2- nail clippers (if I’m way off, I’m sorry…hehe)
    3- acorn
    4- fancy napkins (once again, it’s a long shot 😉 )
    9- sawdust… or maybe oatmeal?
    10- seashell

    That was fun! (Even though I think I got them all wrong!) Thanks for the fun post, Allison!

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  22. 1. Grater
    2. Nail Clippers
    3. Avocado
    4. Money
    5. Serrated Knife
    6. Flyswatter
    7. Broom
    8. Sand Dollar
    9. Cork
    10. Seashell
    This was so cool to see the different perspectives and how they changed how the thing looked.

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  23. i can only guess 3… #1 is a cheese grater, #2 is a pair of nail clippers (i think), and #5 is a dollar bill. xD im terrible at guessing LOL.
    (oh btw i found your instagram and requested to follow you, my username is @icantbelieve._.itsnotbutter btw)

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  24. Hmm? Let’s see…#1 I’ll guess is a cheese grater, #2 a nail clipper, #3 maybe an avocado, #4 a dollar bill, #6, a basket of some sort, #7 a broom, #8 a sand dollar. Well those are my guesses! I don’t have any idea what numbers 5, 9, and 10 are.

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  25. Okay, so I saw the beginning of the post of answers, but I’ll guess the others. It’s a zuccini/squash maybe, then a saw was one of them maybe and then a notebook and a weaved thinger and maybe a mold or something? I know they’re out of order, but I”m in a hurry! I”M SO EXCITED FOR WORDCRAFTERS TOO!! I was in the kitchen and I was like..hey, when’s the fifteenth for the wordcrafters thing and then I’m like AHH!!!!! IT’S TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta go! BYE!


      1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS AN ACTUAL POST TOO??????????????????????????????????????????


      2. I SHOULD HAVE STAYED ON LONGER!!! OH MAN!!!!! XD XD XD 😉 My comments wouldn’t load for forever so I couldn’t read my comments!! I’m looking at the post now! EEK!


      3. I”M TOO EXCITED TO READ IT!!! HELP ME! XD XD XD Where I”m at should work as long as I can go before/after July 3rd-13th. 😉 😉 😉 MISSIONS TRIP! EEK!!!!! Okay, okay. I need to calm down so I can read the first chapter! I didn’t realize that you were letting out the first CHAPTER yesterday!!! It’s probably a good thing though, or else I wouldn’t have been able to sleep! XD XD XD Okay, I’m REALLY off to read it now!


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