Out to Pasture

Hello, dears? How goes life? I’ll bet you’re all having so much fun starting school again after Thanksgiving break, am I right? Ha. *sigh*

Anyway, a friend recently brought some of her cows to one of our pastures and they are SO CUTE. So much cuter than the boring ol’ Holstein cows in our barns. XD So the other day Megan and I decided to go do a little photoshoot of them, because how could we not? (Note: I did edit all these pictures (some more than others), which is unusual for me. But the lighting was kind of gray and gross, so they needed touching up. XD)

I shall start with the most adorable of the cows. ♥ We call her Rainbow because that’s the name in her ear tag, but I don’t know what her real name is (or if she has one).

cow 1 (1280x853)

SO ADORABLE! I love her eyes! ♥

cow 19 (1280x853)

Doesn’t she look so sweet?

cow 18 (1280x853)

I was trying to get a picture of her tongue out, and I… sort of did?

cow 15 (1280x853)

This enormous guy is the one bull in the pasture. Don’t worry, we didn’t get trampled on or anything like that; he actually seems pretty calm. But we stayed outside the fence anyway. XD

cow 5 (1280x853)

He is HUGE compared to the cows.

cow 16 (1280x1094)

I love all the different variations in color and patterns. 🙂 (AND THE BOKEH in the background.)

cow 14 (1280x853)

Look at the marking on her forehead! ♥

cow 13 (1280x854)

This might be the one my cousin called “Einstein” because of her fuzzy white hair. XD

cow 12 (1280x853)

The spotted sisters. XD (Actually I don’t know that they’re sisters, but it’s, um… prosaic license, heh heh?)

cow 9 (1280x854)

Rainbow again. ♥ Her coloring and big, dark eyes remind me of my rabbit, Lily. XD

cow 8 (1280x853)

And this other random cow who was similar to Rainbow but not as pretty…

“HEY, careful with your words, there, person-with-the-black-clicking-thing. I happen to know my face is beautiful, and that you should really be focusing on ME, not those boring dried weeds.”

cow 2 (1280x853)

“There. Better. Although that fence…”

Sorry, cow, you’ll have to make do with barbed wire in your face. Or you could have just BACKED UP A BIT, ahem?

cow 3 (1280x854)

“*glares* Hmph. All the other cows were crowding around to see what you were doing, so how could I not? Peer pressure is a hard thing, you know. Especially if you’re a cow.”

Mmm, I suppose so. What with stampeding and all that…

cow 4 (1280x853)

“There, finally you’re sounding more reasona- HEY. YOU DID IT AGAIN.”

Well maybe sisters and red plaid shirts are more… shall we say, photogenic than angry cows?

“I AM NOT ANGRY. I mean… On the contrary, I am quite calm. See? NOW GET THAT GREEN STUFF OUT OF MY FACE.”

cow 17 (1280x853)

It’s vetch, my dear bovine. V-E-T-C-H. You know what, I think I’ll just end this conversation right here since you obviously won’t listen to anything I say anyway. Sheesh, cows can be so stubborn…




Heh heh, cow conversations are fun to write. XD I hope you enjoyed reading it and the rest of the post! Which cow or picture was your favorite?

Oh, and before you go, check out the two interviews I did recently! Rebecca did one with me and Buttercup did the other. Both girls’ questions were great and fun to answer, and I think you guys would have fun reading them too. 😉

P. S. I updated my sidebar a bit. What think thee?

101 thoughts on “Out to Pasture

  1. AWWW. Rainbow is probably the cutest, prettiest cow I’ve ever seen! She has such long eyelashes. XD I enjoyed reading the angry cow conversation. 😛 Also, I love your new sidebar design – it’s really pretty!

    -Clara ❤


        1. BAHAHA. I’m actually rather surprised that it wasn’t intended… 😛
          Anyway, did I not reply to your last email? I wasn’t sure. It’s totally fine if you just haven’t replied yet, but I didn’t want to have missed it and make you think I was ignoring you or something. :O


          1. Hahaha 😂😂😜 Um…. no, I don’t think so…. lemme go check. Well, thanks for telling me because I was starting to wonder….. 😐 No, really, it’s no problem! 😉😃


  2. aww, ze cows are so cute!!!! Also great photos! I’ve never had a cow conversation before…… but I did have a conversation with a banana, it’s name was shelly. That is, before I ate it. XD


      1. Haha! I love cows. 🙂 Megan and I are having a battle over stealing Basil. XDD So, now I have to learn bunny-fighting, padlock-breaking, and get the FBI to break open the cage. XD It escalated quickly.


                    1. Basil: Enni, I think it is terrible to lie about a bunny’s feelings. I can breathe JUST FINE, AHEM. The one thing I am really feeling is terror that I am facing the girl who wants to so cruelly take me from my wonderful owners. *shakes ears* *hides*

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. *gushes about how cute Basil looks* Okay! *books a flight to Allison’s house* *steals a cow* *sighs with relief*


  3. Great pictures, Allison! The cows are very funny and cute. Also, the cow conversation so silly and funny! XD My favorite photo might be the first one, but it’s hard to decide.
    I do like the simpleness of the new buttons you put on the sidebar, but maybe a bit of color added to them would be good?


  4. Beautiful pictures! And the cows are soo cute! Better than the typical black and white ones. And about school that you mentioned at the beginning, yup super fun. I was just having some difficulties with it a minute ago, but this post cheered me up. 😁


    1. Thank you so much! Ha ha, I know, black and white cows are just so… boring. 😛
      Oh no, that’s unfortunate. 😦 I’m so glad the post could cheer you up! 🙂


  5. AWWWW! They ARE pretty cute! 🙂 😀 😀 I like that bull, he’s got some good looks going.. 😉 XD Haha!! For the cows, at least!!! Our bull, Junior, is big too! But he’s really super sweet! He loves being pet.. or.. er…. tolerates it. 😉


  6. Cuteness alert! 😮 Hehe! So cute, I think Rainbow is my fav! 😀 And I always love your cow conversations, eek, so funny! 😀


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