~ goodbye ~


hiding in the hollow tree that somehow still lives on, half-destroyed;

green truck rides through buzzing goldenrod and tangled berry brambles;

walk 8 (1280x853)

skipping up to Gram’s to get flour because we ran out… again;

sunsets leaking burning lava over the mountain ridges;

DSCN1746 (1280x960)

creaming corn days, warm cardboard boxes dripping with the smell of pizza for lunch;

treasure hunts for crystals by the side of the thorn-ringed pond;

-Allison (Tassel doll) 003

building forts and holes and towers in a barn full of fuzzy cotton seeds;

climbing the hill to get fresh eggs, crossing the road to get fresh milk;

-Allison(eggs) 001

family gathered around a crackling bonfire by the creek overhung with mint;

the farm rolling out from under you at the top of the tallest hill;


art parties, tables laden with shared supplies and traded ideas;

walking under the majestic, white-boned sycamores under a clear blue sky;

DSC_0487 (1280x853)

church potlucks that are feasts, where we know each face at the tables;

the succulent sound of cows tearing off mouthfuls of grass in the pasture;

walk 9 (1280x853)

selling rusty metal parts and cow bones and broken bottles for pinecones at the island;

playing with friends in the grain bins, jumping off the ladder into the yellow corn;


capture-the-flag games and ATC trades after church;

finding litters of soft, tumbling barn kittens and watching them grow;

DSC_0464 (1280x853)

sledding down Gram’s hill with cousins and sipping hot chocolate afterward;

firefly-catching contests; flashing bits of flying gold captured in hands and jars;

-Allison(moon, lily, Maggie) 013 (1024x576)

club meetings: crooked stairs, dusty seats, shouts and laughter pounding the low rafters;

rambling nature walks all over the farm with friends;

walk 3 (1280x853)

eating picnic suppers on the flat roof outside our bedroom on a calm summer evening;

everyone gathered at the last chicken house, talking and laughing, relieved to be done…



new is a crackly word, an uncomfortable word –



it takes breaking in, like a fresh pair of shoes.

the old is familiar. it may be torn and falling to pieces, but it is love that made it so.

you know, don’t you?

when what we’re used to becomes what used to be,

the touch of change is sharp, its hold is slippery,

but oh, how can I bear to let go?

I know.


goodbye, old farm, goodbye, old friends. goodbye, old life.

I’ll miss you.

I already do.



105 thoughts on “~ goodbye ~

    1. I’m so glad you liked it, Hannah! Well… sort of. XD We kind of semi-officially moved, so we’re basically living down here full time now, except when we go back to pack more every now and then. But we’re still living in the cedar house until the big house finally gets done.
      So yeah, it’s complicated, but we’re mostly moved. XD

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  1. Good pics guess taken with your new Nikon. Nice walk down memory lane. However, sure got me Sad. It’s not easy walking away from a part of your life. But, like it or not, we all eventually must leave; as time marches on. Best Wishes for you & your family in the future.


      1. Thanks for reply. Say, if you haven’t already; why don’t you check out Amazon Kindle Publishing. Put several of your blogs in story form. Be good experience (because you will be an author–may as well start now) & set-up costs not too high.


        1. Of course! Ooh, thanks for the suggestion! That’s a great idea. 🙂 I’m actually considering publishing a poem book, and that’s a good alternative to think about. Thank you so much for the encouragement. ❤


          1. Think BIG! Work on both projects! I’ve been following your farm blog last couple years. After this Goodbye blog–I realized you have a lot of stories that will be written as the years go by. You not only left just your old farm; you left your childhood there too. And I think you know it. Best Wishes. Remember think BIG.


  2. Oh my gosh, I love it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! You’ve made me miss it too now. 😁 I’m going to leave the farm where I live in a few months too and I can imagine it feeling like this. It’s always been my home and there’s something special about growing up on a farm (as I’m sure you know) so many memories. 😊😊😊


  3. Awww, this is so sweet and sad, Allison. ❤ All of the pictures are gorgeous and so are the words! I hope you guys are happy in your new home. I'm sure you'll make lots of great memories there. 🙂

    -Clara ❤


  4. Aww, this made me want to cry! But it was beautiful at the same time, I loved how your wrote it and the pictures! 🙂 I know you’ll miss it, but I pray you make many more new memories and friends as you go to a new chapter of life! You’re in my prayers! 😀


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