Fall Playlist+ Aesthetics {2020}

Hello, dears!

I’m especially excited for this season’s playlist post because I feel like a lot of my taste in music fits into a “fall aesthetic.” I tend to like soft, cozy, thoughtful songs. But even though we’re going for an autumn mood here, I made sure to include a variety of genres, artists, and styles, so you have a better chance of finding something you’ll like. 🙂 And, of course, all of this music is clean, so no worries there. I hope you can find some new music to add to your own collection!

Find your earbuds/headphones/speakers, and enjoy my fall playlist + some pretty fall photography!

featured image 191

Note: I’ll link to YouTube videos of these songs, but you can also pull up all of these on Spotify.

playlist 1

Show me where it hurts; give me something real.
Lead me to the part of you that never really heals.
Say the words that burn when they leave your mouth:
Tell me your story, but don’t leave the good parts out.

the good parts – ANDY GRAMMER // If I had to choose my favorite song of 2020, this might be it – and that’s saying something! My best friend found this way back at the beginning of this year, and we both fell in love with the lyrics and song in general. I can relate to this so much. I’m not a fan of small talk – I just want to know how you’re really feeling and thinking. ❤

playlist 6

Sometimes I feel like I’m walking
A tightrope from Heaven to Earth –
Walk steady, walk straight, don’t grumble, don’t be late,
Get better or you’re going to get hurt…

tightrope – JON GUERRA // This artist has a bunch of really interesting, unique songs, including this one. I love the beautiful, haunting melody and how he uses the tightrope allegory to relate to our Christian walk as well as the life of Christ. The lyrics above seem kind of depressing, I know, but just listen to the song – it gets better. 😉 So wonderfully written.

playlist 10

I might lose my mind
Waking when the sun’s down
Riding all these highs
Waiting for the comedown

comethru – JEREMY ZUCKER // I’m not exactly sure why I like this so much?? Maybe it’s just the aesthetic and overall feel. I can listen to it over and over without getting tired of it. I guess I don’t need a reason – I just like it. 😀

playlist 13

Out upon the sand
Said the devil, “Take my hand.
At Your bended knee, You will hold everything you see.”
But the King said, “No.
I have come to be the spotless Lamb undone,
And I will fall, but not to you.”

at last, the king – THE GRAY HAVENS // If you’re looking for an indie/folk Christian band, check out The Gray Havens! They have a ton of beautiful songs based in Scripture, and they’re amazing at telling stories with their music. This one is almost an early Christmas song because it talks a lot about Advent.

playlist 11

What if my whole world falls apart?
What if my life could be different?
What if I sat right here and took you in
Without the fear, and loved you whole
Without the flight, and didn’t try
To pass this cup?

this cup – SARA GROVES // I can relate to this song so much, ahh. These lyrics are a powerful call to contentment and trust amid fear and anxiety. Beautifully written once again.

playlist 14

I know someday I’ll make it out of here,
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years.
Need a place to hide, but I can’t find one near.
Wanna feel alive, outside I can’t fight my fear.

lovely – BILLIE EILISH, KHALID // I don’t listen to much of Billie’s music, but her voice is amazing! Another song I don’t really have a reason for liking – I just think it’s… well, lovely. 😀

playlist 12

changing – JON MCLAUGHLIN // Here’s my instrumental pick for this post. 🙂 It feels very fall-like with the changing rhythms and melodies. I can picture leaves falling and breeze blowing. I printed out the sheet music for this but my GOODNESS, it’s plenty hard for me to play!

playlist 4

Sometimes the weight of decisions will try to bury you.
Don’t let the shame tell you something that you know ain’t true –
Just ’cause you feel like a stranger, that don’t mean you are.
God, I could use a reminder of what forgiveness is for.

someday soon – WILDER WOODS // If you’ve listened to NEEDTOBREATHE’s music (which I also recommend!), you’ll find this voice familiar. 😉 I like the mingled sadness and hope in this song.

playlist 15

I sit in my car outside restaurants and bars
Reading about what’s inside
I look opinions ’bout news and religion
So I don’t have to use my own mind

pictures of mountains – CODY FRY // The lyrics. Ahh. I’ve been there. Cody Fry is a good artist to check out for more “fall aesthetic” songs. He has a lot of thoughtful, soft-yet-majestic music.

playlist 7

I’m not sure why it always goes downhill
Why broken cisterns never could stay filled
I’ve spent ten years singing gravity away
But the water keeps on falling from the sky

the cure for pain – JON FOREMAN // Similar to Wilder Woods, Jon Foreman is the lead singer of one of my favorite bands (Switchfoot) but also makes his own music. This is one of my favorites of his. His voice might taking some getting used to if you haven’t heard it before, but the lyrics, again, are powerful. Help.

playlist 5

But have you ever stretched the truth
telling stories to your friends
So they’d be a little bit more amazed?
I haven’t either –
I’d never do that.

i haven’t either – ANDY GULLAHORN // Ooh, definitely check this one out! It’s so unique, with a compelling mixture of humor and convicting vulnerability. The song gets better and better as it goes on and hits you hard at the end.

playlist 17

Oh Son of God You came as flesh and bone;
On the cross You bore the weight of sin,
And You rescued us and called us as Your own.
Lord You tore the veil and brought us in.

forevermore – RIVERS & ROBOTS // Rivers & Robots make a lot of nice almost-instrumental ambient music to play in the background. One of my favorite parts of this one is the interesting rush of waves at the end when it sounds like water overwhelms the speaker and changes the tune.

playlist 3

I need to tell You that I’m scared,
I feel completely unprepared,
And nothing’s what it was two weeks ago…
But You already know.

you already know – JJ HELLER // Another 2020 anthem. ❤ This came out near the beginning of the pandemic and ahh, it’s perfect. I feel so encouraged and refreshed every time I listen to it. I need the reminder that God is in control of this crazy world, and that he knows what’s happening and is on the other side of it.

playlist 2

Back from the dead and both our tongues are tied –
You look beautiful tonight.
But every seed dies before it grows.
Do you love me enough to let me go?

enough to let me go – SWITCHFOOT // (This would have been a good winter playlist song, but oh well. 😛 ) That last line above is so deep and thought-provoking. Is it really love if we’re not willing to let go of our needs for the good of the other person? This is one of my favorite Switchfoot songs.

playlist 8

This is a story that began long, long ago.
I was a young oak tree in dark Missouri soil,
And like all other saplings I had dreams of growing
Strong and tall…

the soldier and the oak – ELLIOTT PARK // If you like story-songs like Ben Rector makes, you might want to check out Elliott Park. A lot of his music is whimsical, hilarious, and sometimes geared toward children, but he also has some beautiful, heartfelt songs like “She Is.” I love the storyline of this one!

playlist 16

Still like the lakeside,
But deep on the inside.
You’re moving towards me,
Moving to stay.

allegheny – BYU VOCAL POINT // BYU Vocal Point is an amazing a capella group! I love most of their music, including this super soft and relaxing song. Any a capella artists you recommend?


Which of these songs was your favorite? What music have you been enjoying recently? What season would your taste in music fit into best?

Thanks so much for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D3400 and 35mm + 50mm lenses. Edited with picmonkey.com.


38 thoughts on “Fall Playlist+ Aesthetics {2020}

  1. I love your music selections Allison! I’m a HUGE fan of Sara Groves, I love the thoughtfulness in the lyrics of all her songs! They’re just so peaceful and lovely! Also, JJ Heller! She also has such beautiful and thoughtful songs! 😊❤ Also, the pictures were lovely and quite fitting my dear! 🥰


  2. Me too, they’re nearly as gorgeous as you and Megan (cheesy much😅).

    My music taste fits in between summer and winter😁.

    Oh and I really wanna THANK YOU for giving me something to look forward to every Friday night🤗.


    1. Aww. XD How kind.
      Hee hee, sounds about right to me! 🙂
      Aww, that means so much that you look forward to my posts coming out! This one is a bit late because our internet went out yesterady, but hopefully next week the post will be on time. 😉 Thanks for the lovely comment!


  3. The Grey Havens!! Yay!
    I think my musical taste also fits into fall…huh.
    Three random song recommendations: You should listen to Fear Not This Night, and The Last Goodbye (both preferably sung by Clamavi de Profundis). A good storyish song is Green Fields of France by the Fureys.
    Your pictures are lovely 🙂


  4. Ah, the fall season is finally here! It seems like this is the first time we are actually celebrating it, which I don’t know why it feels like that. Oh, well. 😀 I enjoyed this post! It felt so fall. I am always on the hunt for new music, so I am definitely going to check these songs out! Also, a good acapella group to check out is Eclipse 6. They have beautiful versions of hymns!


  5. I like Rivers & Robots too! I think my favorite song on this playlist is at last, the king by the Gray Havens. I have been listaning to the Gray Havens a lot and I think their newest album Rest is great! Do you like their newest album?


    1. Yayyy! Ahh yes, I love the Gray Havens. And I listened to their new album recently too! I don’t like at as much as some of their older albums, but it has some lovely songs on it too. 🙂


  6. Gorgeous photography! I hadn’t heard of many of the songs either! 😀 What season would my music taste be…..probably summer? xD


  7. I was actually just wanting some nice autumn music to listen to, so this was perfect timing!! I’ll definitely go check out these songs. 😉💕 Thanks so much!



  8. EEP Lovely has been my favorite song for ages! I’m pretty sure it was in the running for a dance senior solo for awhile 😂 Love all of these gorgeous photos, as always! *melts* The leaves are actually SO PRETTY here, and it makes the season more bearable for me. 😉


  9. Well, I finally listened to all the songs on your list (actually about a week ago, now)! I really enjoyed the message of the Pictures of Mountains song. I also really liked The Solider and the Oak. The story is so nice, and I love the violin. I actually added it to my new fall playlist, which was inspired by your playlists. Thanks for the post!


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