Mountain View Wedding Photography

Hello, my friends!

Thank you all so much for entering the giveaway in my last post! I’m excited to announce the winner. 🙂 But first, a little about this post…

I recently had the privilege of photographing another friend’s wedding! Well it wasn’t exactly a wedding since they got married earlier this year but were just now celebrating with a big reception because of pandemic restrictions. The venue had the most beautiful mountain view and I had so much fun taking pictures of the newly-married couple, the guests, and all the lovely details of the day. Enjoy!

Now, before we get started, the giveaway winner! Congratulations to…

Kenechi Duatron! I’ll be contacting you shortly to send you your book and all the other goodies! Thanks again for entering, guys. If you’d like to purchase the book yourself, click the button below. (And if you’re considering ordering this for a holiday gift, I recommend buying it sooner rather than later because the shipping takes a little while.) Thanks ever so much for making this book launch successful. ❤ I can’t wait for you guys to read my little book of poems!

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Okay, now for the wedding pictures! We’ll start with this beautiful dress.

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Ah I love this picture. ❤ It looks so vintage with the black and white filter and lace details, doesn’t it? Almost like a painting.

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These details made me happy because purple is my favorite color! I think the wedding colors were lavender and sage green? Some form of green and purple.

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See what I mean about a beautiful view? I wish you guys could have seen it in person; it’s hard to capture the spreading grandeur of a mountain view in pictures.

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Heh, a little grasshopper wanted to join the wedding party. It reminded me of when Aria got married. Remember this post?

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These two were so cute together. My friend preferred I only share photos without their faces which is fine because they’re cute in this pose too. ❤

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Her ring is so pretty! I’ll have more pictures of it later.

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We had so much fun taking this set of vineyard pictures. The groom was hilarious and kept thinking of crazy new poses like doing cartwheels or surprise-attacking the bride with kisses. But here’s just a peaceful, ordinary pose. 🙂

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The colors of this bouquet! Ah!

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AND THIS RING! Isn’t it gorgeous? Photographing it made me so happy because look how perfectly the colors match here!

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The classic bouquet-with-wedding-dress-background picture. 🙂

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I love detail shots like this one. ❤ It’s lovely to be able to tell a story without saying anything, you know?

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Oh my goodness the lighting was GORGEOUS that evening! It was pretty much a perfect day, except maybe a little warm. The golden hour portraits were so fun to take.

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Now moving on to the reception! I had to refrain myself from taking a bunch of pictures of these sparkling-cider glasses because AHH LOOK THEY’RE SO PRETTY. I love the light and bokeh in this one.

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Isn’t this wedding cake stunning? I love how simple and elegant it looks.

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It made me want to bake a cake just to try out this icing pattern. It reminded me a little bit of free-motion quilting.

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I love a good dramatic-light portrait like this one. 🙂 (Also notice the little photo taped to her chair – they had a fun scavenger hunt set up in the reception room for the kids, which I thought was a wonderful idea.)

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My meal kept getting interrupted by photography breaks, of course, but the food was delicious. I didn’t try any of these caprese thingies but now I wish I had.

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As the evening went on, guests kept making their way onto the deck to watch the soft mountain sunset. Every time we go back to the mountains, I remember how much I miss them.

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Give me some rolling hills, mountain views, and bistro lights and I’ll be all set. 🙂

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Can you spot one star in the sky?

blog post (20)

I took a ton of photos of the guests, too. One thing I love about being hired as a photographer is that it gives you permission to take all the photos I’d usually be too shy to take. I can walk up to people and get a picture of their cute kids because that’s what I’m supposed to be doing! It’s great.

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I couldn’t resist some bistro-light bokeh.

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The mood of this photo though! ❤ Everyone seemed to enjoy their time together – the grown-ups on the deck or around the tables and the the kids running around outside or working on the scavenger hunt indoors.

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I think string lights make any place more beautiful and cozy. 

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I went out on the deck with a couple of my friends and got some fun silhouette pictures! This one looks so dreamy.

blog post (25)

That white spot in the background isn’t a moon… but could that really be a star? They don’t usually make bokeh like that. Hm. Anyway, I love this picture too!

blog post (26)

I took a TON more pictures of the dancing and party afterwards, but obviously I was focusing on the faces so I’ll leave those out for privacy. We’ll end with this sweet shot from the bride and groom’s last dance. Candlelight and an empty room. So special. ❤

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I hope you guys enjoyed seeing those photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! It was a fun challenge to try and tell the story of the wedding with mostly detail shots. Honestly those are some of my favorite to take. If you enjoyed this post, check out my previous wedding photography here!

Which photo(s) did you like best? What colors would you choose for a wedding?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D7200. Edited with Lightroom.


55 thoughts on “Mountain View Wedding Photography

  1. That last picture is gorgeous. GORGEOUS!! I might just have to hire you to take pictures at my wedding, whenever that may be XD Absolutely beautiful!

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  2. Oh my goodnesss!! These are so pretty! I think my favorite is the one with the flowers and that GORGIOUS ring! Oh my gosh that ring is #goals! Love your work, you are crazy talented!

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  3. Gosh golly…..fabulous shots…the stunning dress…THAT ring….fabulous cake..the black and whites…ohhhh and the bookah…I am loving that! Well have quite the ‘eye’ for photography!!📷🤵👰🤗 Cheers ~ Valerie from Vancouver Island🌄

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