How to Stay Motivated {Energize, Recharge, & Relax}

Hello, my friends!

I’m posting something a bit more practical today – a few tips for staying motivated and getting work done, since I think that’s something we all struggle with. Also tips on how to take constructive work breaks instead of getting sucked into social media… And also some pretty flower pictures because of course. 🙂

Alright, ready for some productivity tips? Let’s do this!

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Alright, we’re going to break this down into different categories because sometimes you need to buckle down and get to work, and sometimes you need a constructive way to take breaks to refresh your mind for going back to work, you know? Let’s start with motivation tips.

morning glory 1

-write a list/brain dump // Sometimes I can’t concentrate on my job because I have too much floating around in my head. Get it out! You’ll feel better.

-listen to upbeat music // Pretty self-explanatory. Soft, quiet music is nice for focus, but upbeat instrumentals are great for motivation. I like the band Dreamers Circus – start with “Kitchen Stories.”

-use the forest app // You can get an app on your phone called “Forest” which is basically a timer but in a game form. Look it up if you find yourself getting distracted by your phone often.

-clean your space // Cleaning is underrated. I personally can focus so much better when I don’t have a lot of other projects or clutter strewn around. Plus, I feel so energized and productive after cleaning – like I’ve already gotten work done.

-change your clothes/hairstyle // If you work or do school from home, it’s tempting to wear pajamas… But I find that wearing lounge clothes makes me want to, uh, lounge. Show your body you’re here to work and not sleep.

-open a window // If the weather is nice, try letting some outside air in and getting rid of the stuffiness where you’re working. In fact, I’m going to do this one right now! Ah, there we go. Much more refreshing.

-drink some water // The obvious one. Stay hydrated and you can work better! I think I’ll go do this one too, actually. Be right back…

-set a timer // When I’m faced with a big project I don’t want to do, one of the most helpful tricks for me is to give myself a certain amount of time to work on it, with the promise that I can take a break and reevaluate after I complete that time slot.

-move apps/close tabs // Social media can be an automatic distraction. Simply moving the tempting apps off your home page or closing the tab you keep refreshing on your computer helps make sure any breaks you take are intentional.

morning glory 2

-play an instrument // Playing an instrument you’re comfortable with can be extremely refreshing and relaxing while also being more constructive than, say, watching YouTube. Playing piano is one of my favorite “work breaks.”

-take a walk // Also a very underrated motivation/recharging tip. It helps me especially at times when I’ve been sitting around all day, snacking a lot, or working at a screen for a long time. Just go outside for ten minutes. You’ll feel better.

-sort photos/delete emails // Sorting files feels productive but is also pretty simple to do. It’s a nice change from a taxing piece of work to something easy and satisfying.

-do stretches or exercises // I have an exercise ball instead of a desk chair, so sometimes when I’m tired of sitting at my desk, I’ll move around on it or get up and stretch my arms and back. It feels so good.

-art journal/doodle // If you’re doing a really boring, mind-numbing job, try taking a creative break to wake you up again. I keep a bunch of art journal ephemera on my desk so I can work on it if I have a break.

-take photos // Along the same vein as the last one, take a break and go find some beauty! If you need some indoor photography inspiration, click here. Otherwise, go outside and take pictures of whatever you see!

-do something fun like letter writing // My point here is to do something productive that you enjoy, but make it something in real life, not something virtual you’ll get sucked in by – go work on a puzzle or write a letter.

morning glory 3

-read a book // All of these ideas are not going to involve staring at a screen. I know everyone knows that theoretically they could read a book, but how come we end up watching YouTube all the time instead? Books are nicer. 🙂 Go read.

-avoid screens // Yeah yeah, we all know this one and none of us want to actually do it, right? While it’s true that watching YouTube, for instance, can be really relaxing, the blue light from the screens makes it harder to actually rest. Read a book.

-take a shower or bath // Warm water feels good after a stressful day. Take time to take care of yourself instead of only reading or doing something to relax, you know?

-take a nap // Another obvious one. 😛 I’m terrible at taking naps, but I’ve heard that taking a twenty-minute nap is refreshing while not making you groggy when you wake up. So try setting a timer and completely zoning out for a bit.

-paint your nails // This forces you to relax because you know you can’t do anything until your nails dry or all your hard work will be ruined!

-do a face mask // Another relaxing way to take care of yourself while not really doing anything.

-drink something warm // Especially in fall and winter, a cup of tea or hot chocolate can be so relaxing and calming. A good stress-reliever.

-listen to soft music // Kinda the opposite of the “Energize” tip here. I recommend the instrumental “I Dream of You” albums by JJ Heller. They’re basically instrumental lullabies. Vol II is especially pretty.

-put on comfy clothes // Again, the opposite of the “Energize” tip. Also pretty self-explanatory.

morning glory 4

-just do it! // Well, guys, this is my ultimate advice for getting work done: JUST GO DO IT FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. All the motivational posts and energetic music in the world won’t get your work done. You have to do that. So if you’re using this post to procrastinate… procrastinate a tiny bit more by leaving a comment below telling us about what you need to work on, and then get started. Turn off all the distractions, make sure your workspace is clean and welcoming, and take the first step. It’s usually a lot easier from there. You can do this.

motivation (3)

If this post was helpful for you, feel free to save it to Pinterest for future reference! And tell me…

What are you working on today? What helps you stay motivated?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


56 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated {Energize, Recharge, & Relax}

  1. The most common way for taking a break is chilling at the keyboard in the middle of school. ESPECIALLY when I’m burnt out on math.



      1. Usually songs I’ve written, or that I’m learning. And, of course, Pachelbel’s Canon, because how can you not be calm with that song?


        1. Ooh, that’s so neat! I usually play hymns because that’s my comfort zone and also because I usually have worship songs to practice for some church service or another. And I LOVE Pachelbel’s Canon!

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  2. Great stuff Allison! I just got back from a walk with my dog a good energetic one and feel great! Your list is so comprehensive has to have many there for anyone but I’ll skip the paint the nails or do a face-mask things! LOL!

    “Instead of getting sucked into social media;” this right from the get goes was smart to say because we live in this, what I call too digital AI mindset culture, like an artificial thing; and I can only image how it can be for some people that are in a big city or isolated and cooped up too much!

    So between all the beautiful flower shots and the many “wise tips” Allison… I have to say you really shined again as usual giving me a big additional positive spin my the day to add to the fact that on the walk I got to meet a neighbor for the first time who is an artist and will be displaying her work every weekend, a variety of venues so I plan to attend and make some purchases, to support a fine local artist! And I can say at this point the meeting was ordained with perfect timing; and as I’ve only met her husband before when out and about having had no idea she was an artist there.

    So all of this; is so helpful as I tend to be stuck in political concerns more than I really want to be as I see it, but had thought it was good to stay tuned into that since the last election. As I spoke with the very nice neighbor I mentioned a novel I started a while ago… epic adventure that is “a soul searching journey ordained by God;” so we both were saying the same thing, about “jumping into it and stay on it!” Now I just read your “MOTIVATIONAL PRESCRIPTION!” Go figure!!!

    Very multi-talented there Allison so keep it all up!
    God bless.
    Brother in Jesus Christ,


    1. That sounds like a lovely walk! How fun to meet a neighbor who is an artist! Hehe yeah, I do recommend skipping those in your case. 😛

      Yes I know! I would especially feel drained by social media if I didn’t have the chance to get outside and enjoy nature as well.

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the post, Lawrence, and thanks for the comment! Hope you have an excellent rest of your Sunday.

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      1. Haha Allison, you’re comedienne too right! Yes I skipped those and plan to keep it that way so thanks for the reminder anyway! 😉 👍 🇺🇸 Just ribbing with ya! All good😛

        Oh so true about getting outside and jump into the great nature all around you there!!! I love meeting my little animal friends out there every day, I make a point to show up and treat them to seed, suet cakes and peanuts. Over the last several years besides rescuing some of them that got injured or attacked I actually got to know them all so well that they trusted me to hand them a peanut and in the exchange I get to rub my pointer finger on some of those little squirrels heads. And they sometimes sit on a low tree limb very close by just watching me and my dog doing whatever little tasks I’m up to; some early mornings the rabbits sit calmly by even next to my boot while I place a handful of seed there for them, I like feeling tuned into nature and it with me!

        I really did like and enjoy the post Allison! Thank you for that and the good wishes; as my Sunday was very nice and got a long walk in with my dog for miles; I hope your entire weekend was awesome too!
        God bless you and yours!

        Brother in Christ Jesus,
        🙏 🙏 🖖❤🌹🌈🌞


        1. Sounds like a plan. 😛
          Ah, how neat! I always thought it would be amazing to tame wild animals like squirrels or birds to the point where you could feed them.
          Oh good! I had a lovely weekend too, thanks. Blessings to you as well!

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          1. Trying to plan and coming up with one is more than half the battle as I see it! 😉 👍

            Well the taming the animals isn’t really the greatest idea but getting to know each other and having some trust is fair as I do things because I do try to provide something for them in the harshest seasons a bit more. And then as I spend plenty of time outdoors they get to adjust to me being around and even come looking if I’m talking with someone just my voice is like a bell going off in a sense!

            Glad that your weekend was great too!
            Thanks again Allison and many more Blessings! Never have enough in this world so if we get some extra ones; we can share them!
            🇺🇸 🙏 🙏


              1. Thank you Allison! Over the years I’ve rescued lost or stray dogs my number one animals that I call one of God’s earthly companions; after all man’s best friend! At one point several years ago I had 5 dogs at once that were all mine and all adopted except two Samoyed’s that were from a litter of six that the original one that I adopted ended up having a Pedigree litter and kept the two that needed her the most, one a runt and the other both females, she was one I could tell was having separation anxiety at that early puppy stage; then I found the best forever family homes I could for each of the others; all of them were blessed and loved dearly!

                Also studied for the National Certification Wildlife Rehabilitation License so that I could be legally capturing injured or orphaned wildlife as a rehabber and bring them to the point of being ready to go out on their own; or in some cases they were injured too much or were not an animal I should try to help, because I could bring them to the wildlife rehab center where the vets and staff cold provide all of the expertise and medications they may need! In many of those cases they would call me if I hadn’t visited the center around the time they were well again to let me know the last animal I brought in was ready to go, so I could pick her up and release her in the area the animal knew well; maybe even hook up with family or a friend again I would pray!

                When I was a boy my Grandfather and Grandmother had a farm so I learned back then how much my Grandfather in particular was bonded with animals, goats, sheep, small equines and even donkeys and they loved him so much I could see that! I think that rubbed off on me, but then I just always loved animals anyway! Here I can share a few links to give you a kick about a few of my own pets and a bird I rescued that was miraculous!

                Thank you again Allison and take care!

                Brother in Christ Jesus,








                1. Wow, you must be the animal whisperer, haha! Five dogs… that’s a lot to keep up with. We just have one yellow lab but she’s really sweet.
                  I bet that’s so satisfying to be able to help rehabilitate animals. How neat!
                  Ah, I remember reading some about some of the animals you’ve taken care of in your posts. You have some pretty amazing stories!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Allison! You’re so sweet and kind! I’ve never been told that before, but, seeing as it has been said now; I’m very happy it was from someone as special and genuine as you! You may have pointed out something profound though; because now that you focused my attention on this in such an unexpected way I have to admit even just in the example of dogs all of them even some not very trusting or not too friendly ones over the years seem to get me straightaway, people I’m not so sure that holds true, LOL! Oh and your lab she is adorable, as I’ve enjoyed those photos you shared of her out and about with you on the property! I know she would like me as I would really enjoy knowing her, if that came to be! I’m happy for her and you, along with your entire family; all enjoying each other so much!

                    Yes I feel happy making a difference in any of God’s simple little creatures lives being safe and regaining their freedom; if I knew years ago what I know now I probably would have chosen to be a veterinarian over anything else I’ve done, being a Jack of all trades and master of a few; none of that compares to helping these little creatures; maybe a priest would be so special too which I’ve been told I should have been; but, that’s people which can get too complicated dealing with, and, I like simple better; as its lots more fun really! Does that mean I’m a simpleton at heart? You should watch the old movie “Born Free” if you haven’t before, that sort of story makes me cry happy tears; all about things of nature being happiest when being as God intended!

                    Thank you for the compliments regarding the little stories of mine and at times these experiences do seem little to me, but, then at other moments I feel very fortunate to have connected in a profound and meaningful way with other earthly beings that that are also conscious of our physical plane of existence that add to the genuine beauty, of God’s creation being aware of itself; and this illustrates all of this good abundance far exceeds all of the bad, and acts as a reminder that “Good will Overcome” all evils when “all is said and done!”


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  3. What a trove of good tips here! And cleaning our space is underrated indeed. Sometimes when I’m between tasks and don’t know what to do—or if I’m just slowing down in my current task—I take five minutes to clear the immediate area. That always perks me up a little. Anyway, thanks for this post!


  4. I love this hey…….❤️
    I’ve now got a million sewing projects that are 1/2 or 3/4 way done….
    Do you sew?
    Takin a break for me is reading a gooood book!!!
    Do you read?
    Sorry for the 10000000000 questions


    1. Haha oh dear, I know how that goes. I do that with notebooks or sketchbooks!
      I used to sew a good bit (my talented grandmother taught me), but I don’t do it much anymore. I’ve mostly made a bunch of quilts. What kind of things do you sew?
      Yessss, good books for the win! I love reading! Again, don’t do it as much as I used to but I was reading today, actually! (Also caught up on some YouTube subscriptions too though, not gonna lie. XD)
      I love questions! So no worries. 🙂


      1. I have sewn a few occasion dresses forََ myself…
        N then Ive sewn an apron as a gift for my cuzzy
        Yeah n lotssss more


        1. Haha certainly! Get ready for a bunch of recommendations. 🙂
          -The Narnia series
          -The Keeper of the Lost Cities series
          -The Anne of Green Gables series
          -The Mysterious Benedict Society series
          -Jane Eyre
          -The Count of Monte Cristo
          -The Bronze Bow
          -My Side of the Mountain series
          -Number the Stars
          -The Mighty Miss Malone
          -100 Days of Sunlight
          -The Outsiders
          -A Severe Mercy
          Phew, there you go! There’s a very wide range of books for you to check out! Enjoy! 🙂

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  5. Cleaning is underated indeed!
    “Drink some water – the obvious one” why was that low key funny😂😅?
    Everything you said about settinga timer is what I do. You understand me😂
    Another obvious one🥂
    I love painting my nails!
    How come you didn’t mention coffee under “drink something warm”😪?
    Awesome post🌺


    1. Glad you agree. *nods*
      Hehe. Water *is* pretty obvious.
      Oh really?! That’s great!
      I kinda go through phases of painting my nails. I’ll paint them once and then they chip so I redo them and then redo them again and then I’m like… this is too much work and don’t paint them for several months. :’D
      *GASP* How could I forget coffee? Honestly it’s probably because I’m not a coffee drinker. I know, I’m weird.
      Thanks, dear! Glad you enjoyed. 🙂


  6. Yeah, staying motivated is really very necessary for us

    On Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 11:06 AM A Farm Girl’s Life wrote:

    > Allison posted: “Hello, my friends! I’m posting something a bit more > practical today – a few tips for staying motivated and getting work done, > since I think that’s something we all struggle with. Also tips on how to > take constructive work breaks instead of getting sucked” >


  7. Love this list! I’m a musician so listening to music or podcasts definitely helps pass time in a positive way. Exercise and even sitting on my balcony in the sun for 10 minutes daily is what I recommend.


    1. Ooh yes, I love listening to music or podcasts while I work. That’s what I did for most of yesterday while I was working on a painting commission, actually! I love the idea of sitting on a balcony in the sun. Last night I went out onto the balcony to capture a sunset and even that little bit of fresh air was so refreshing.
      Excellent tips, Wendy! Thanks for reading.


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