MacRae’s Senior Photoshoot

Hello, my friends!

I got to take senior pictures for one of my friends earlier in October! I’m so happy with how they turned out. We had a lot of fun because it’s pretty much impossible not to have fun with MacRae. I loved capturing her contagious smile, goofy pose ideas, and beautiful spirit. Enjoy some pretty golden hour portraits featuring a kissable pumpkin, a serious new trend, a helpful wooden post, and a fall unicorn.

Onward to the pictures! 

featured image 244

We started at the Virginia-Creeper-covered barn behind our house since it had a few red leaves and we were hoping for some fall colors on this shoot. We didn’t find many, but MacRae was happy anyway. 🙂

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I love the simplicity and colors of these headshots! Also do you notice that white blob on the wall in the background…?

collage 2

The white blob is a pumpkin! A tiny pumpkin on a vine was trying to blend in with the Virginia Creeper. I don’t know how it got there because we certainly didn’t plant a pumpkin by the barn, but it made for a great photo prop. I told MacRae to kiss the pumpkin and this was her reaction:

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We were right next to the old cemetery so we thought we should start a new trend and take senior photos in the graveyard. Here is MacRae sadly pondering the fate of Rodophil.

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To be honest, this picture looks kinda nice. But we decided we’d probably better pick a real location…

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So I drove MacRae, her mom, and Megan down the lane by the hay barn to get some more cheerful pictures. This one looks so pretty. ❤

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We found a patch of golden weeds that made a great backdrop but which seemed suspiciously like it would hold chiggers. Megan bravely blazed a path for us so we wouldn’t have to walk through tall grass to get to this spot.

collage 4

This outfit looks so nice with the forest path, doesn’t it? I have a hard time finding clothes that look good against green backdrops, but the light pink sweater and denim skirt worked perfectly.

collage 12

This picture just makes me happy. I think it was right before MacRae attempted to cross the muddy creek without getting her boots too muddy. (Spoiler: she succeeded!)

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We made a quick stop further down the creek where we found this very convenient wooden post. It looks happy to be MacRae’s new friend. *pats post on the head*

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Ahh, aren’t these lovely? I told MacRae she looked like a fairy in this dress against the trees.

collage 11

She’s so beautiful!

blog (19)

These two pictures sum up MacRae’s personality pretty well. 😀

collage 10

GUYS. I LOVE THESE SO MUCH. Especially the one on the left – it’s a top favorite from this photoshoot. The bokeh, the flowers, the quiet smile… I just love it.

collage 8

If you’ve been following me for a while you probably recognize this location. I’ve taken many photos under this beautiful oak tree.

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Jean jackets make excellent, interactive photo props. Plus they just look nice. I hardly ever wear mine because for some reason it makes my neck and shoulders hurt. Weird, I know.

collage 3

Happy. 🙂

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Another top favorite. I love how crisp and clear this one turned out. Such a classic, beautiful shot! I was happy to have my new-to-me D7200 camera with my old 50mm lens.

blog (29)

More funny MacRae poses. We found a leaf and she used it to become a legendary fall unicorn and… whatever she’s doing in the second picture. :’D

collage 9

Something about black and white smiles or laughter makes them even better. 🙂 Capturing smiles or emotions in general is probably my favorite part of portrait photography.


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We had to stop by this golden field on the way back to the house for another outfit change because *gasp* isn’t the light amazing?! Also I love how elegant she looks in the second picture.

collage 5

I adore this picture mainly for how professional it looks. So crisp and clear and glowy! Ah!

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We took a few photos against the little white shed behind our house. We call it the smokehouse but I don’t think it actually was.

blog (41)

This picture reminds me so much of the graduation pictures I took of my siblings, Megan and Logan, at this very spot.

blog (42)

Isn’t this one magical? ❤ Love it.

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This burgundy sweater was one of my favorite pieces of hers. The color was absolutely stunning and photographed so well!

collage 6

So did she! At the beginning of the photoshoot she warned me that she was kind of awkward in pictures and now I’m like… excuse me? Nope, I don’t think so. I mean…

collage 7

I loooove the colors here!

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It looks a little like she was pondering the piece of grass that I neglected to move out of her face. But I think she was just concentrating on following my instructions, hehe.

blog (3)

We’ll end with another one of my favorites from the shoot. MacRae, you are so beautiful, inside and out. I know that’s a cliche thing to say, but it’s true – and it’s obvious from these photos! I’m blessed to know you and be your friend. Thanks again for letting me take your pictures. 🙂


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I hope you guys enjoyed scrolling through those pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and editing them! We got tons more, of course, but these were my favorites.

Which photo(s) or outfit of MacRae’s did you like best?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D7200 and a 50mm lens. Edited with Lightroom.


50 thoughts on “MacRae’s Senior Photoshoot

  1. Wow I’m the first one to comment
    I really like the dress and the burgandy sweater it was UHHHHHMAZING

    My fave Pic was probably all
    If I haddta choose I’d say the one where she Is near the second 2 after she changes into the burgandy sweater…..
    Also the one where u said she looks elegant and the one on the swing….. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    I was abit disappointed when I saw this post cause I reallllllllllllly am waiting for your Sully post heheh
    But this one is 👌👌👌*sighs appreciatively*

    Can I ask you where do you live cause it is amazingly beautiful?
    It’s ok if you’d rather not

    Anywho that is waaaay tooooo long
    Lotsa love
    Saudah Kadwa
    ♥ ❤️


    1. Yay, you’re one of the first! (Sometimes it looks like you’re the first because I haven’t approved/replied to other comments.)
      AH I KNOW, I love that sweater too!
      Ooh, thanks for sharing your favorites! Those are some good picks. 🙂
      Haha that made me smile. I will definitely make a Sully post but it might be a little while – I have a lot of other posts to make too! Keep watching and some pictures from our adventures together might come up, though. 🙂
      I live on a farm in the East Coast of the United States! We love it here. ❤️
      Of course not – I love long comments, including this one! Thanks for reading, Saudah.


  2. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful girl!! I love the last outfit too! And the swing picture! So contemplative! Great job, Allison!


  3. Hey and could you tell Mcrae these exact words for me
    ” you are insanely beautiful Mcrae. ❤️ You have a killer smile…. These photos made my day…. You have a really cool vibe…. I like your style…. Remember this”
    Saudah kadwa


  4. Good Morning from Vancouver Island🌄…..such pretty photos…I am especially loving that swing and bouquet of flowers photos…. Such a pleasure to drop in and see what you have been up to!! Cheers ~ Valerie🙋‍♀️


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