A Cozy Pet Photoshoot

Hello, friends!

I recently got to housesit again, and you know what that means – cute pet pictures and pretty nature photography! This time I also experimented with some cozy indoor photography and alllll the golden hour light. Enjoy the warmth of these photos in a cold season! Especially if you’re a cat person, read on. 😉

featured image 258

Hunter the cat loved to sit in this bar stool chair thingy day after day and soak up the sun.


Ooh I love the dramatic lighting in this one. Cat’s eyes are so pretty, aren’t they?


Observing his kingdom.


Are you a cat person or a dog person? I’m honestly not a super big animal person in general, but I definitely prefer cats to dogs. They’re generally much calmer.


Hunter’s a sweet cat, although most of the time he was only cuddly and affectionate when he wanted me to give him food. :’D


A noble black and white portrait.


So cozy. I love the “cat loaf” pose when they tuck their paws underneath them. 🙂


Shadow also spent a lot of the day sleeping. I tried to capture the glowy light coming through the red curtains, but this is as close as I got. You can see the reflection (and a toy mouse) on the coffee table, though.


More light photography – it looks like the kids made these lovely suncatchers from colored glue. So pretty and fun!


It never gets old taking simple pictures of dead weeds with a wide-open 50mm lens at golden hour.


Ooh I love this one! I found a charming little twig nest in this bush – and later a tiny cup nest on the ground too.


One of my favorites. Ah, I absolutely love the lighting and softly blurred background in this photo.


Hunter went exploring outside until he found a stack of mattresses to rest on.

blog (1)

A series of photos of Hunter again surveying his domain. He has his eyes on you, folks. Nothing shall escape his notice.

collage 2

Might be my favorite photo of Hunter in this post. It’s so clear and warm and pretty despite the slightly unusual background.


We’ll end with some indoor photography from when I couldn’t resist capturing the beautiful sunlight patterns on the wall one evening.


Do boys live in this house? Hint: this picture. 😉


I will never get over the beauty of sunlight on walls and floors. ❤


Here’s a last peaceful shot for today (ft. a Spiderman mask). So warm and golden.


Ah. *happy sigh* That’s it for this week! I enjoyed putting this post together as it’s awfully gray and rainy outside right now. I hope it brought a little bit of light into your day as well! ❤

Which photo(s) did you like best? Are you a cat or a dog person?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D3400 and a 50mm lens. Edited with Lightroom.


41 thoughts on “A Cozy Pet Photoshoot

  1. I would say I am definitely a dog person 🙂 Such great photos! I love the second one the most because of your use of the shadows and the natural light to make such a cool contrast for each side of the cat’s face! Well done!!!


  2. I’m not a cat person at all. I really don’t like cats. I’m also not a dog person but I prefer dogs to cats. Nevertheless, these photos are amazing – as always🌻.
    The sun catchers are really pretty. Especially the flowers🌼.
    I love the soft blurriness too😍!
    Those three pictures of hunter are just chefs kiss👌🏼. He looks so good.
    I do think that boys Iive in the house. But it could also be girls who are spiderman fans🤔.
    Once again, these are amazing🌼🌻


    1. Yeah, I feel like people hate cats more often than dogs, and I can see why.
      I know, I love the suncatchers!
      Hehe thank you! He’s a model kitty. 😛
      Good guess – and honestly, you’re probably right on both, I dunno. XD Both boys and girls live there.
      Thank you so much, Sabrina! I’m glad you liked the pictures!


  3. I’ve always been owned by cats. Although I like all animals. I like that cats don’t need to take a dump outside or beg for a walk. Although unlike a dog cats can be major assholes. They are your frenemy whereas the dog is your best friend.


    1. Yes, I agree – cats are much lower maintenance than dogs. Mhm, cats definitely can have annoying personalities though. Every once in a while you find one with the sunny personality of a dog and the easy care of the rest of their kind – those are winners!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love these photos (especially when they’re loafs); they’re both so cute! I’m generally not a pet person (mostly from trauma from childhood), but there are a select few of friends’ pets that I’ll allow to climb over me or utilize me like a chair.


  5. Ahh, so pretty! It’s been rainy today, so these definitely brightened my day. As for me, I’m definitely a cat person. I’m very selective in which kinds of dogs I like, but I love all kinds of cats. And KITTENS!!!


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