Our Wedding Day: Allll the Pictures!

Hello friends!

Well, here it is: one final, massive wedding day post with a compilation of my favorite pictures from our photographers. This post is going to be record-breakingly long, but… you guys asked for it! Hehe.

If you haven’t read the first wedding day post, you can do that here before you get started. Otherwise, enjoy this review of a marvelous, beautiful day. โค

featured image 262

getting ready

Note: photos taken by Fredericks Photo & Films (@fredericksphotoandfilms). I collaged the pictures in order to share the maximum amount from the thousands they sent us, resulting in some photos differing slightly in composition from the originals. Also if you’re reading this on your phone, the smaller photos may be harder to see vs. viewing on a computer screen. Okay! We’ll start off with getting-ready photos from the girls’ room.ย 

collage 3

My bridesmaids were amazing. Two sisters, two sister-in-laws-to-be, two cousins, and one best friend. By the wedding they were all friends and it made me so happy to see, well, this:

collage 9

Once I put my dress on and showed the bridesmaids, I did a first look with my parents which was really sweet.

collage 11

Mom had to fasten dozens of buttons on the back of my dress, phew! But I’d say it was worth it. The details in the back of the dress were one reason I chose it. (See this post for links to wedding attire.)

collage 5

Just a few pretty detail shots.

collage 6

For some reason it took quite a while to put my heels on. My veil was pretty easy though. It’s one thing to wear a wedding dress, but when you add a veil… that’s when it feels like you’re getting married.

collage 8

After a bit of confusion, Sully and I did a letter exchange. Sully didn’t realize we were doing it in the morning so I think he had to write another one because he left his original at home, oops! It all worked out and the letter was, of course, very sweet. โค

collage 7

They took a few shots of me before the ceremony and I love how they turned out! It was so special to capture these portraits (and all the pictures, really) at my family’s house.

collage 10

There are significantly fewer photos of the guys getting ready, hehe. There’s a reason the girls came a lot earlier in the day than the guys did. But I love the pictures they did get – including the one on the bottom left of one of the groomsmen taking a nap on the floor. ๐Ÿ˜›

collage 12

A few of Sully reading my letter to him and getting portraits taken.

collage 14


These detail pictures aren’t part of the ceremony but I wanted to put them in somewhere. I had a lot of fun designing my own stationery, being an artist and all. I love the ring shots and how Sully’s ring is so much bigger than mine. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

collage 1

Now for the ceremony! I think I posted earlier about making the welcome sign, and another thing we used was some cute Polaroid photos one of my blogger friends printed and sent me as a gift.

collage 17

String lights and flowers everywhere? Yes please!

collage 15

Look at that arch. *heart eyes* My talented granddaddy built it for me and it was just what I wanted! My mom and her “florist assistants” (actually mostly Mom’s friend and my aunt) created these stunning floral arrangements to attach along with pretty draping fabric.ย 

collage 22

The guests started to file in as the wedding party finished preparing, singing hymns, waiting around impatiently because we’d already been ready for a long time, etc. I absolutely love the picture of my granddaddy and grandpa at the bottom.ย 

collage 27

We started the ceremony a little late because a bunch of the guests were still driving in. Finally everything was set and the procession began! The ring bearer and flower girl – Sully’s nephew and niece – were definitely the cutest part. I love how everyone’s smiling at Caroline in the third picture.

collage 16

I’m not going to show everyone walking down the aisle but I had to include a picture of my brother Jeff escorting my grandmother. Jeff is practically a giant and the height difference always cracks us up. Anyway, then it was finally time for Dad to escort me!

collage 21

I felt surprisingly focused and matter-of-fact when I was walking out; not exactly the floaty feeling I expected. That didn’t stop me from being incredibly happy though, of course – especially when we got to the tent and I saw everyone smiling back at me. It was a beautiful moment.

collage 20

The best smile was Sully’s, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He managed not to cry but he told me he came close at this point. We didn’t have a first look so this was the first time he’d seen me in my dress.

collage 18

Then the ceremony began! Other than being scorching hot even in the tent’s shade, it was lovely. In Sully’s pastor did an excellent job on the sermon and on helping everyone know what to do.

collage 28

A few sweet moments. 1) Sully just looking at me for a long time after I finally arrived. ๐Ÿ™‚ 2) Dad kissing me on the cheek before he sat down. 3) My family bringing out the tissues under cover of the first prayer.

collage 29

Skipping forward to the exchange of rings. It took me a bit to get Sully’s ring on his finger which made me laugh.

collage 25

The first kiss! I love the pastor’s grin in the first photo and our smiles in the second.ย 

collage 23

Happy faces because WE DID IT! My piano teacher played for the whole ceremony, including the recessional.

collage 26

I didn’t cry at all before the ceremony – in fact, I was surprisingly not stressed out at all – but something about our families coming inside after it was over to hug and congratulate us… that brought the tears. It felt surreal that we were actually married!

collage 30

family & wedding party

We took a bunch of photos after the ceremony while the guests headed over to the reception barns behind the house to enjoy some appetizers and games. These pictures of our entire family (siblings, parents, grandparents, and nephews/nieces) make me feel so honored to be a part of these wonderful people’s lives.

collage 31

Hehe, aren’t these pictures with our parents so cute? ๐Ÿ˜€

collage 30

All my siblings! โค One of the most incredible blessings God has given Sully and I is that we both love each other’s families. It’s something I hope to never take for granted. I also wanted to include this picture with Sully’s amazing pastor who pulled off the ceremony perfectly. Thank you, James!

collage 32

Now some pictures of the wedding party. We’ll start with my beautiful bridesmaids. โค

collage 39

I love all the individual shots, but these especially make me smile. Aria had been waiting for this picture since her own wedding two years ago where she used the photo of both of us then as her phone wallpaper. Jianna and I had to display our double-jointed-ness – her fingers and my elbow. ๐Ÿ˜›

collage 40

Me with my sisters and my cousins who I also basically grew up with. I love.

collage 41

These are some of my favorite pictures from the day – the colors and happy faces bring me so much joy. This was just what I was picturing when I chose the colors for the dresses!

collage 38

Now for the groomsmen photos. Lookin’ sharp, guys! They wore bowties in the same shades as the bridesmaids’ dresses. Haha I love how Jeff is smiling fondly down upon his new brother-in-law in the second picture.

collage 34

Multiple pats on the back for Sully.

collage 35

Okay but these photos are so good though?? Like, they could be in a wedding magazine or something – in my totally unbiased opinion. ๐Ÿ˜€ The poses, the suits, just everything. Love it. And you know, the uneven number of bridesmaids/groomsmen didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

collage 33

Okay, enough being serious. My word, looking through the many pictures of the guys being goofy made me laugh so much.ย 

collage 37

Look at our beautiful wedding party! I love these colors but I love these people even more.

collage 36

Seeing these guys having such a good time made the day extra happy for Sully and I. Get yourself a good wedding party when you get married, okay?

collage 43

Like I said, they had a good time. There were lots of goofy photos, but this one is my favorite – Chris, one of the photographers, just chillin’ in front of everyone and two of the groomsmen acting out a proposal. It absolutely cracked us up. :’D

collage 44

Had to get a picture with our flower girl and ringbearer. โค

collage 42

Bride & groom

Now for bride and groom portraits! These seriously made me so happy to look through and I kinda want to get prints of all of them, help. We’ll start with a few individual shots. These pictures of Sully were taken with a film camera!

collage 48

Sully didn’t get nearly as many individual shots as I did, but he was quite alright with that. ๐Ÿ˜›

collage 50

Guys, isn’t my bouquet gorgeous?! It’s perfectly wedding-y and romantic and beautiful.

collage 49

I clearly had a lot of fun twirling in my dress. So many layers of tulle!

collage 51

Okay, now for the good part. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sully’s wearing his classic “ah help I’m melting” expression in the second picture. He was so happy and cute.ย 

collage 58

Very happy. ๐Ÿ˜€

collage 60

If you don’t like kissing picture… you might want to scroll down a ways. Hehe.

collage 59

It’s pretty fun, if a little nerve-wracking, to be picked up and twirled around by your husband while wearing a wedding dress.

collage 55

Hands. โค

collage 45

It’s special to have a picture of us with the house in the background since I love my family’s farm and house and don’t live there anymore. (Only 20 minutes away though.) The second picture is one of the few where neither of us has a huge smile on our faces. A moment of rest.

collage 54

We took these later on in the day. The cloudy sky, pretty green wheat field, and pond make for such a peaceful background.

collage 57

Of course we had to get some pictures with my Dad’s vintage Chevy truck that my mom also uses as a flower truck/stand! I adore the luxurious vines on the barn with the mint green truck in front.

collage 53

Remember the picture Sully’s grandma took at the end of this post? Here’s the photographers’ version. It makes me so so happy. Both of these do!

collage 52

Guys! I’ve been waiting to show you these! The whole day was cloudy except for a glorious bit just before we left when the sun broke through and we got these magical golden hour photos in Mom’s flower garden. AHH. HELP.

collage 64

I can’t explain how, well, glowy these photos make me feel. It was nearly the end of an exhausting, beautiful, perfect day and we were both just over the moon.ย 

collage 62

You guys know how much I love golden hour light, so getting these photos felt like such a gift from God, over and beyond His holding off the rain. (Although it actually was sprinkling a tiny bit as you can see if you look closely at the background.)

collage 61

I think I’ll make the one on the left my new profile picture. Ahh.

collage 63


To finish out this post, we need to go back in time a bit from the golden hour pictures to more glowy pictures from setting up the reception! I was looking forward to seeing these pictures since I had a team of friends and volunteers setting it up and didn’t get a chance to look very closely at the decorations during the day.

collage 65

The reception barns and table set-ups were one of the parts I spent the most time dreaming up decorations for. I tied in the wedding colors with the flowers and purple napkins – I was originally going to only use the lilac shade, but we made a mistake with the rentals and they ended up having to supplement those with two other shades. It ended up being really pretty!

collage 69

I wanted a table runner of greenery, some of which we foraged from the woods on our farm. We interspersed the greenery with tea light candles and tiny bud vases featuring flowers in purples, pinks, blues, and whites.ย 

collage 70

This is the doughnut board I was telling you guys about! This is all from scratch. My brother Jeff made the board with plywood and wooden dowels and my sisters and mom and I made the doughnuts using our family recipe and glazed some of them with purple to match the color scheme.

collage 66

We also bought some gluten-free doughnuts for guests who couldn’t have the others. And I made the small but cute wedding cake, decorated by one of my volunteers with abundant flowers and greenery. It was rather a leaning wedding cake after sitting in the heat for a while, but to be quite honest, I didn’t care about the cake that much and I think it still looked pretty. ๐Ÿ˜›

collage 67

Here’s an outside view of the reception barns. Don’t the string lights add such a magical, cozy touch? The first picture was taken early in the day – we didn’t want to rent twice as many chairs, so we asked the guests to carry them from the tent in front of the house to the barns in the back after the ceremony.ย 

collage 71

My dream was not to decorate with a bunch of those wedding knickknacks you can find, but instead to just fill the day with flowers. My mom grew some of them, we bought some of them, and all the many peonies were donated by friends, including these pails at each barn post. Aren’t they stunning? I love how they put the extra flowers in pails on the flower truck too. (The tailgate also doubled as our guestbook table.)

collage 68

The reception begins! I think the top picture was actually taken a bit later after the wedding party rode back from decorating Sully’s car (more on that later). Anyway, after the bride and groom portraits Sully and I made our entrance to the reception area and my granddaddy said a prayer before the food was served.

collage 73

We followed the meal with our first dance! The dance floor was centered between the two reception barns so that everyone could see. Visit this post to watch a video of our first dance!

collage 79

This was one of my favorite parts of the wedding. We had taken dance lessons from a friend so we entertained the guests with some simple choreography.ย 

collage 74

We had so much fun doing it and the guests had so much fun watching! It was one of the most-complimented parts of the day. What I’m saying is… if you get a chance to slightly choreograph your first dance, do it! It doesn’t need to be complicated, but something a little extra makes it a lot more special in my experience.

collage 81

We ended the dance with Sully picking me up and spinning me around. ‘Twas fun and made for good pictures too.

collage 75

Next it was time for the father-daughter dance, which was much less choreographed. We had still practiced a basic step and Dad got to twirl me a couple of times.

collage 80

Things that make me smile about these photos: 1) Dad’s grin 2) glowy bokeh from the string lights 3) the fact that he has a black fingernail in the second photo because #farmerlife. :’D

collage 78

Then it was Sully’s turn to do the mother-son dance. It was so cute to watch them. And his mom’s laughter and smiles!

collage 76

My dad and Sully’s mom both enjoyed the dances but got a little teary-eyed too. The black and white photo… โค

collage 77

After dances came the toasts – my parents, Sully’s parents, the best man, and the matron of honor. They were all SO sweet and so special. I will treasure their words for a long time. Side note: one of my friends asked if she could bring her beloved pet rabbit to the wedding and I said yes. ๐Ÿ˜€ Can you spot her in the top picture?ย 

collage 86

Harrison, Sully’s brother and best man, gave the funniest speech. I wish you guys would have heard it! It made everyone laugh so hard, as you can see.ย 

collage 83

Another of my treasured memories from the day was my sudden popularity with little girls, hehe. Caroline, Sully’s niece and our flower girl, had decided I’m one of her favorite people while Sully and I were still dating, so she was overjoyed to see me again at the wedding. One of the cute little girls from church came up to me during the toasts and wanted to be held and to inspect my dress. And another adorable small friend who is obsessed with Cinderella came up to me while we were cutting the cake because, as her dad later told me, she kept asking “to see the princess.” HELP, MY HEART. That about melted me. โคย 

collage 82

Speaking of cake cutting – here you go! It was a success and we were nice to each other and didn’t get too messy.

collage 84

Then there was a happy break where the guests talked and danced to the playlist Sully put together. I didn’t dance much as my wedding dress got in the way, but Sully and I did manage to join the kids for a short round of 4-Square. That was fun.

collage 88

A few memories from the end of the day: 1) there were just enough sprinkles for a rainbow to appear. The photo doesn’t do it justice. People kept coming up to me and excitedly pointing it out and I was like “I know I know it’s so beautiful ah yay!” Such a special touch to the day. 2) This picture makes my heart full. The best part about having 300 people at your wedding is seeing all your friends so happy and having the best and most joyful team of volunteers to help everything run smoothly. If you were there – thank you for making our day the happiest one! 3) Finally it was time to leave. (See the sparkler pictures in this post.) Sully and I waved to everyone before getting into the “getaway truck.”

collage 89

It was a little easier to climb into the truck after having changed out of my wedding dress. It did take a while to get the truck started – partly because it’s a stick-shift but mostly because we couldn’t find the keys until Dad showed us where he’d put them. :’D I waved goodbye out the window as we drove off down the lane.

collage 85

There were a few things we had to do before driving away: undecorate the car (including lots of balloons and streamers inside along with a random empty pinata), and collect my purse and phone which I forgot to get from the house before we left. Oops. Sully’s brother kindly drove them down for us. And then we got in Sully’s car and drove away as husband and wife! What a beautiful, magical, wonderful day. โค

collage 90

Congratulations – you made it to the end of this post! Thanks for sharing these happy memories with me. We’ll treasure our wedding day forever but so far marriage is wonderful too! Although we will face days with far less joy and far more sorrow in the future, I also know we have so many more happy memories up ahead. I look forward to sharing snippets of them with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much for reading, and have a lovely day!


P. P. S. Check out my wedding series below, featuring more photos and stories not in this post.


59 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day: Allll the Pictures!

  1. An empty piรฑata?!?!! What is up with that? *shakes head* ๐Ÿ˜‚ I loved seeing all the pictures. If I have enough friends, I will definitely have a large wedding party; it sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing, Allison!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. HAHA I KNOW. Aria thought it was hilarious – I guess that’s what was up. *shrugs* XD Ooh yeah you totally should! Well having a lot of siblings also helps to have a big wedding party honestly. XD


    1. Such beautiful photos Alison, thank you for sharing them.

      The photo of your grandaddy & grandpa is a lovely photo, it shows how easily both families get on.
      I think the photo of the 2 of you & your parents sharing a kiss is very sweet.
      I love the relaxing look of the photo with Sully & his groomsmen walking down the steps after their photos.
      I love the photos of the fellas being goofy & the photo with Chris is hilarious.
      The photo of Sully kissing your cheek – I’m sure I saw one similar in your engagement photos – a print of them side by side could be just beautiful.
      The little girl referring to you as a princess – imagine the scene from her young eyes, made me feel tearful, so precious.
      I’ve never heard of 4-square but it looks fun.
      Rainbows always remind me of Gods promise, how beautiful to receive one on your wedding day.
      I love the photo of you leaning out of the window, waving bye.
      Sorrows you may encounter at some point in your future but you’ll be facing them together.

      Sorry for the long comment but I couldn’t resist. Congratulations again to you both.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I loved your long comment! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such lovely thoughts. โค๏ธ
        Yes! My grandparents get along well which makes me happy.
        Thanks – me too!
        I love the relaxed and goofy pictures of the groomsmen too. It fits them. ๐Ÿ™‚
        I was thinking it would be neat to compare these with my engagement photos too. Great idea for the prints!
        She was so so sweet. The other day the same little girl asked again if I got married and then wondered where “my prince” was. She’s just too cute.
        It is fun!
        That’s exactly what I felt like. โค๏ธ
        I waved for a long time.
        Truth. I’m so blessed to get to face life – the good and bad – with Sully.
        Thanks again for your comment!

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Ahhhhh

    I find it so cool that u and your family set up your wedding in your families farm!!
    So special!!!

    The groomsmen look so smart!!

    And the bridesmaid dresses!!!

    Ahhhhhh gorgeous!!!

    The golden hour pics are the best!!!!

    Aria is gorgeous!!!
    Btw does aria have a blog???
    Besides her photography one?

    Saudah…. โค๏ธ

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AHH THANK YOU! Yes, I loved that it was at my family’s farm!
      I KNOW RIGHT??
      She sure is. โค Well she used to have a blog – arialisette.com I think – but she doesn't really post anymore.


  3. Awww congratulations – this seems like a beautiful day and Iโ€™m so happy for you! Also, the letter exchange seems like a lovely idea, Iโ€™m definitely going to remember it for the future! ๐Ÿ˜† Thanks for letting us have a small part of your special day! โ˜บ๏ธ

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! It sure was. โค Yeah, I'd heard about couples doing letter exchanges and thought it seemed like a really neat idea! It was special to be able to "talk" with Sully before the wedding without doing a first look. Oh, my pleasure – thank you for reading! โค

      Liked by 2 people

  4. You both look so happy and the photos are gorgeous. You were blessed with the weather and have such a wonderful family group and kind friends. Congratulations to you both! Have a long and happy life together.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us. It looks like a beautiful day, full of gorgeous memories. I absolutely love everything how everything threaded together, particularly your bridesmaids dresses. Itโ€™s different to what Iโ€™ve seen, very creative and innovative!! Xx

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Allison the pictures are lovely. You were the prettiest bride. Love your gown. It is so elegant and delicate looking. The group photos are nice with all the bridal party and the guests too.
    Thank you for sharing. Wishing you and Sully a lifetime of everything good.
    God Bless
    Marilyn,Marion and Joan

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Awwwe these make me want to cry! Everything is so beautiful like in a magazine! I’ve enjoyed reading all these past wedding/honeymoon posts so much. โค It's so cool how God held back the bad weather for you. And your sisters are all grown up! Ahh! I think I started reading your blog when you were like 17 and now you're married! O,: I can't believe it.
    Oh btw, I'm sorry I haven't written you back yet. It's been like three months I think. O.o I've just been so busy and there's a lot I want to tell you so I know it'll take a while. But it's coming! I haven't forgotten!
    Hope your marriage is still going wonderfully! Love you friend!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Agh that is so sweet. โค I know it sort of did seem like we were in a magazine! And yes, I will be forever grateful that God held off the rain. What a wonderful wedding gift. Oh my goodness that's crazy to think about! Wow, five years and a lot of life later. Thanks for sticking with me so long my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚
      No worries! I totally feel you on the busyness but I can't wait to catch up with you soon.
      Yes, I'm still loving marriage – and I love you too! โค Thanks again for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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