A Black Light Birthday Party

Hello friends!

My sister-in-law Sheridan recently turned 16 and had such a fun party to celebrate! I brought my camera along at her request and quite enjoyed getting black light pictures of the dancing and snacks and friends. Enjoy some of my favorite shots from the evening!

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Sheridan decorated her family’s house beautifully with lights and balloons. Look at that purple goodness!

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She cleared most of the furniture out so the guests could hang out and dance in the living room/kitchen area, which worked perfectly.

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I loved this display of a canvas “guestbook” and lots of adorable Sheridan photos.

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Ah, the cake! I’m really proud of this photo. The textures of the cake and colors of the black light go so well together.

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After a delectable smorgasbord of snacks, we got down to dancing, which worked surprisingly well inside. Except the Postie’s Jig, which as you can tell from everyone’s expressions here got a little mixed-up. :’D

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It’s one of the best dances actually because everyone laughs so hard at habitually forgetting what move to do next.

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Honestly the thing that makes these photos is the warm light from the refrigerator contrasting with the blue light everywhere else. Who knew refrigerators could be so aesthetic, right?


I was taking pictures of this dance while Harrison, Sully’s brother, was videoing it. He looks intent. And like he chose too high of a stool.


Sully was being the audience with a starfish in his hat. What can I say? He’s Sully. :’D


After multiple dances, there was a special one featuring just Sheridan and Bethany, another dear SIL. It was quite entertaining.

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Sheridan set up the perfect little photo backdrop with twinkly lights in the curtains. It was so pretty, and so Sheridan.

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A few of my favorite portraits. Chessie and Logan, the Four Amigos (they stay the latest whenever we get together), Sully and I, and Sheridan + brothers.


And here’s the whole group, minus Bethany who had to leave early. The dress code was white because it looks cool in black light, in case you were wondering.

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Sheridan looked like a princess when she was opening gifts. I mean… seriously?!

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When Phoebe and Zachary had to leave, we escorted them out with sparklers because 1) it’s fun 2) sparkler pictures! 3) it was Phoebe’s birthday soon too. (Also notice the fancy new fountain to the right.)

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Afterward we did a bit more dancing outdoors, cars honking at us as they passed by. I got this blurry picture of Carmen and Sheridan after dancing that for some reason I adore. Something about it looks extremely aesthetic and vintage and reminiscent of a still from a movie.

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We shall end with everyone’s favorite birthday party mascot, good ol’ Muggy. I think he was hungry for party food, hehe.

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I hope you guys enjoyed that fun, colorful post! I had a blast taking and editing the pictures, and of course going to the amazing party to celebrate my amazing sister. Love you, Sheridan!

Which picture was your favorite? Have you ever been to a black light party/event?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D7200. Edited with Lightroom.


18 thoughts on “A Black Light Birthday Party

  1. I’ve been taking a photography class and learning how to use a DLSR lately, so I’ve been enjoying your photography a lot more recently. How did you get sharp photos in such a dim room?

    PS: That looks a like a fun party. It would be hard to get all my friends to dress so nicely haha.


    1. Oops, sorry I missed your comment until now! Yay for photography classes and learning DSLRs! Really? I feel like the photos were grainy and not super sharp so thanks, haha. Honestly a lot of low-light photography quality depends on your camera. Some are much better than others, and the better ones are usually more expensive ones. Yay… But when I take pictures like these I always under-expose them on camera and then edit them lighter in Lightroom later. You want to use the lowest ISO and shutter speed you can get away with without too much grain or blur in order to process them well later. Hope that helps!
      P. S. Haha! Yeah it was fun that she had a dress code.

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  2. I’ve never been to a black light party before. Looks so fun! ^^ You did a beautiful job capturing these moments 🀍 I gasped at how PRETTY that photo backdrop was! ✨ And at all of the beautiful white dresses! Gorgeous πŸ₯°

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! Sheridan and whoever else helped out, are awesome decorators!!! So beautiful! Had never heard of a black light party; but I think that would be so cool. Everyone looked so nice in their white outfits.
    Sheridan definitely looked like a princess, especially with the butterflies and lights behind her. I just love dresses- yours is so pretty!
    I enjoyed this post, Allison- as I do every one! God bless and keep you!

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    1. I know, right? Her brother Harrison helped set stuff up but I think Sheridan did the decorations pretty much by herself. She did a fabulous job! Yeah it was pretty cool.
      Ah definitely. ❀️ And thanks! I love dresses too.
      Thanks so much for reading, Valerie. Blessings to you too. ❀️


  4. I have never been to a black light party, but now I really want to! Ha ,ha! How unique and fun!!! And per usual, you caught the whimsical beauty of the event. I just adore your photography!!

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  5. Ooo, Allison, these photos are amazing! Sorry, I’m just geeking out over the colors and how everything goes so beautifully together! I’ve never heard of a blacklight party before; it looks so cool.

    And a Happy *belated* Birthday to Sheridan too! Hope you all are having a wonderful week πŸ™‚

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